Why Amy left TV5

TV5 Management and Ms. Amy Perez have mutually agreed to part ways. TV5 respects the decision of Ms. Perez to leave the Network due to personal reasons. She had been a valuable talent of TV5. We wish her well and the best of luck in all her endeavors.

The statement is right, straight to the point, no ifs or buts.

 The parting happened at a time when Amy’s well-loved show Face To Face was being reformatted, with Amy suddenly out of the picture, replaced by Tintin Bersola as co-host of Gelli de Belen who moonlighted for Amy when Amy went on a maternity leave. Soon, Amy will surely also fade out from the Good Morning Club of the Kapatid early-morning news program.

 Sad, isn’t it? A lot of people (this one included) will miss Amy who is the perfect host for a show like Face To Face where a cool and composed “referee” is required to stop the protagonists from actually killing each other. Amy would have been a perfect foil to Gelli who, I should add, has amply lived up to her new image as Ate Gelli. It remains to be seen how Tintin will fare on the show.

It’s unfair for Amy to be subjected to nasty rumors that she’s hard to work with, hard to deal with, so on and so forth.

“First,” an Amy defender told Funfare in a phone interview yesterday, “I must tell you that the TV5 management and Amy parted ways amicably, naghiwalay sila ng maayos. Amy has nothing but respect for Ma’am Wilma (Galvante) and MVP. I have to correct the impression that there was a misunderstanding between management and Amy dahil daw nag-i-inarte si Amy. Hindi po ganoon si Amy.”

Funfare learned that Amy and her manager Boy Abunda were negotiating with management for the renewal of her three-year contract which expired last May. Unfortunately, the negotiation got caught in the changes of department heads, until the unsavory items against Amy started cropping up initially as blind items in the tabs. 

Did Amy really demand that a certain Face To Face staffer be kicked out?

“Amy is not the type of person who would want anybody to lose her job,” explained Amy’s defender. “Hindi siya ganoong klaseng tao; hindi siya pinalaki ng mga magulang siya na mang-api ng ibang tao. Look, 43 na si Amy, nanay na at hindi na bagay sa kanya ang high-school kind of away.” Full Story

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