Instagram Launches New Private Messaging Service

Instagram has reached another milestone with the introduction of a new service called “Instagram Direct.” Founder and chief executive Kevin Systrom discussed how this new service works during the special event in New York on Thursday.

Instagram users will be able to send photos and videos directly to their contacts. They can share to as many as 15 persons at a time. Sharing photos and videos can be done directly with followers or with specific contacts. If there are posts that are private they are saved in a user’s inbox.

Take note, however, that direct messages can only be sent to people who follow each other. If a message is sent to a non-follower, he or she would receive a friend request instead.

Users would surely love the fact that they can now be able to track in real time any photo or video sent through Instagram Direct! If anyone has seen the photo or video there would be a green check mark and if someone clicked like there would be a red heart.

Users can easily swipe between Feed and Inbox.

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