SSS Alerts Public About Fake SSS Checks

The Philippine Social Security System (SSS) is warning everyone to be very careful in accepting SSS checks being encashed to them. This warning comes after SSS La Union Branch learned that a fake SSS check got enchased at a grocery store in the said province. The unlucky store was conned out of Php 9,000.00.

The incident has prompted SSS La Union Branch to inform various establishments about the modus. Store owners were told how they can tell a fake SSS check from a real one.

Those who are not familiar with a real SSS check can be deceived when presented with a fake SSS check. But, if a fake check is placed beside a real one, it would be easy to tell them apart according to SSS.

Real SSS checks only have one account number located above the check date and at the bottom portion of the check. The SSS number of the member-payee is printed on the real check whereas a fake SSS check doesn’t have this feature. Finally, the only signatory in real SSS checks is the agency’s president.

“We assure our members that SSS checks are secured and cannot be easily copied. However, we still urge the public to be more vigilant especially with the holiday season fast approaching for possible fraudulent transactions and to report such incidents to the SSS Branch so that we can take the necessary actions,” said SSS.

To be doubly sure of the authenticity of the SSS checks being encashed from them, store owners are advised to call the SSS branch near them.

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