Sunrise Televised in Beijing Due to Thick Smog

Manila may be the place in the Philippines that has the most polluted air but it’s not comparable to the state that Beijing is in. Although Manila is also covered in smog at the best of times, it’s not as worse as what Beijing is suffering at the present time. Beijing’s smog is horribly thick that people can hardly see the sunrise or the sunset. In fact, the city has resorted to televising the sunrise on a gigantic TV just to let people know it’s that time of the day.

People flocked to Tiananmen Square last January 16, 2014 where sunrise was projected on a huge LED screen. Most of these people had masks on to protect themselves from inhaling the harmful particles.

Although the sunrise was good to see on the screen it just emphasizes the seriousness of the problem in the city. Instead of decreasing, smog has, apparently, got worse in the last two to three years. Smog is even worse during winter due to the stagnant weather pattern plus the increased coal-burning.

The thick smog can sometimes go on for days at a time in Beijing and also in other parts of China that everyone is urged to help improve air quality this year. Beijing’s mayor has even allocated 15 billion yuan or $2.5 billion for efforts aimed at improving air quality in the city.

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