China Satellite Spots Possible Crash Site of Missing MH370 Plane

New information released by the Chinese government could finally pinpoint the location of the Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 that went missing on Saturday. Chinese satellites have detected possible debris of the aircraft. Satellite photos released by the Chinese show several objects at around 200 kilometers east of the location where the plane was contacted last.

Apparently, the three objects detected by the satellites have sizes of 13 x 18 meters, 14 x 19 meters and 24 x 22 meters. Evidence of oil slicks was also captured by the Chinese satellite.

Apparently China’s satellite recorded these images on Saturday but they only released it on Wednesday so, Malaysia and Vietnam are treating it with caution. Prior to this, there were also reports that flight MH370 tried to turn back to Malaysia before it disappeared from the radar prompting the search to be expanded up to the other side of the Malay Peninsula in the Strait of Malacca, which is miles away from the plane’s flight path.

But after seeing the satellite images released by China, Malaysia’s civil aviation department spokesperson said that they will look at all areas especially the ones with concrete clues.

The US Navy, which is helping out with the search, was evasive when asked what they thought about the new images. Commander William Marks of the USS Blue Ridge simply said that they do not have specific information about the said satellite images.

Until now no one knows the reason of the MH370’s disappearance. Some of the reasons authorities are looking into are terrorism, hijacking, pilot error and mechanical malfunction. Malaysia’s ambassador to China said that one of the pilots of the MH370 said “alright, goodnight” before the flight switched from Malaysian to Vietnamese airspace.

As the fruitless search for the missing MH370 plane continues, families of the missing passengers are starting to lose hope. A lot of them are getting frustrated with the confusing and inconclusive information that airline officials release. Some of the relatives are so furious that they even hurled water bottles are airline officials.

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