PNoy Gets Silent Treatment from SAF Members

A week after the bloody massacre of 44 PNP SAF in Mamasapano, Maguindanao, the feeling on unrest throughout the Philippines is still evident. This is quite evident in the social media where many of the Filipino citizens vent their frustrations at the lack of action and concrete direction from the “Ama ng Bayan” and Commander-in-Chief on what should be done and who will be made responsible for the botched mission and the lives lost. 

Last week, President Aquino talked with the PNP SAF at Camp Bagong Diwa. A short clip of that visit was uploaded on YouTube and in that video the President mentioned that he understood what the SAF commandos feel because of his experience in 1987 when they were ambushed. He also recounted his experience when his father died. There are also times when he asks himself if things could have been done differently then maybe lives could have been spared. But he also promised that as the “Ama ng Bayan” he would raise the morale of the police force.

However, there was only the sound of silence when he asked the SAF commandos if there was anything that they’d like to say. He repeated the question three times but nobody spoke, so in the end he just bid them goodbye.

That silence among the SAF members should be enough to make the President see that they are disgruntled over what happened. They are crying justice for the death of their brothers-in-arms and this is something that he should not ignore.

Watch this video of the SAF’s silent treatment to PNoy.

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