Best Place to study

As per researchers, where you study is as important as how well you study. A nice, clean, quiet place is just perfect for you and for a little company. Never thought that there are a lot of places like this in our country, right? Well in this article, I am going to reveal to you some of the best places where you can visit when you are in the mood of studying to fully maximize your effort.

Café de Soul

Aside from the wonderful fact that it can be found just around the archers’ hub, this spot is perfect for the atmosphere of study and relaxation. Taken from its name, it is a Korean-style café that is located at Taft, Ave, Malate, Manila and is perfect for students because it offers a unique style. Although the purchases you can have may seem a little bit extravagant and profligate, what you pay for will come very handy inside the store because it offers you a quiet, well-lit space with a high-speed internet connection perfect for studying. Bring your friends and experience the Korean ambiance of studying with them!

Location: One Archer’s Place, Taft, Ave., Malate, Manila

Books and Borders

A place especially made for inspiration and relaxation; comfortable chairs and a quiet ambiance, this spot is absolutely perfect for those wanting to study. There is also a charging station that would be very useful for people who use their gadgets for their study session. You can order from a wide range of products from pasta to hot drinks, and to cold drinks and the prices are certainly reasonable and not that expensive. There are also a lot of books that are categorized by genre so visit books and borders and experience a whole lot of level of study time even if you are alone, with your friends, family, and a whole lot more. Visit books and borders for your mind to be enveloped in a soothing atmosphere full of books and good purchases.

Location: Tomas Morato, Quezon City

The Sweet Spot

Obvious from its name, the sweet spot primarily serves desserts, coffee, and cold drinks to its studious customers. They also serve sandwiches and savory dishes aside from the normal sweet tops they offer; the prices are considerably cheap and affordable but you can expect a well-made meal or drink for you and your company. They do not have wi-fi however, they do have charging stations available for almost everyone in the restaurant. The sweet spot is a well-lit space for everyone with a lot of comfortable chairs for you to relax in while you study. It is also spacious enough for your group of friends for studying even for just hanging out. The ambiance is absolutely perfect, you will feel like an elite when you visit and try this place out. Come by at Maginhawa and experience an ultra level of comfortability.

Location: Maginhawa bldg, 189 Maginhawa Street, Quezon City

Tutto Domani

Far from a lot of universities because of its location at Makati, it is a hidden café across Greenbelt that Makati goers would love. The café is full of board games, arts, and crafts, a lot of toys you can play with, which makes it very interesting and relaxing. They have charging stations and a pretty fast and reliable internet connection as well. The meals and drinks are a little bit too pricey but for the comfortability and the perks you have inside the café? That is all going to be worth it. What do you expect of finding a secret café near Greenbelt with a lot of awesome things to do?

Location: New World Renaissance Hotel, Esperanza St., Makati City

Antiteasis: Books and Brews

A combination of a ton of books and good tea, this place is perfect for serene and tranquil environment lovers; also perfect for those yearning to go to a quiet place to study. They have a slightly wide variety of tea choices you can choose from and a library-like shelf with a lot of books with different genres which can aid you in your study. They also provide an internet connection that is reasonable and extremely utilizable for your study and your hang out.

Location: Unit C 154 Maginhawa Street, Sikatuna Village, Quezon City

There are a lot more places where you can bring yourself or friends so that you can experience a whole new level of extreme serenity and knowledge-absorption. Of course, you can also visit these places if you’re looking to relax a little bit, to stray away from the stress from school and work, and to just try another level of good food and relaxing environment.

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