How Much Do Filipinos Need to Survive Living in the Philippines?

Whether you are single, married, or a parent, you need to have a certain amount of money in order to survive living every single day here in the Philippines. You can’t go around asking for everything without being charged; everything has its price now and that is one reason why budgeting is important. But how much do you really need in order to survive living alone? Do you need to have proper education, a college degree to feed yourself? Do you need a lot to sustain yourself? To create a roof above your head?


Filipinos are known to be good eaters and that is one clear reason why it is one of the most important factors of living for Filipinos. Yes, it is a basic necessity but Filipinos look at food differently than other people. Here is a gist with prices:

  • 500 grams (1 lb.) of chicken breast (boneless) – Php106
  • Combo meal in fast food (with drinks and side dish) – Php150 
  • Lunchtime menu in the business district (Makati or BGC (with drink)) – Php350
  • A dozen of eggs (12 medium – large sized eggs) – Php90
  • 1 liter of whole fat milk – Php85
  • 1 kg of rice (good quality) – Php62
  • 2 liters of Coca-cola – Php60
  • 1 gallon of water – Php40
  • Serving of salad – Php60
  • 1 kg of potatoes – Php110
  • One can of local beer in groceries – Php40

So if we were to convert it conversationally, if you are working in the working class and you have a daytime job, your average consumption monetary consumption for food on a daily basis would be 400 pesos since you will be eating outside like a fast food chain. If you however do not have a current job or only doing work inside a house then you would be consuming homemade dishes and you would need probably around 200 pesos for a whole day.


Different people possess different ways of livelihood such as entertainment, relaxation, way of living, etc. As far as I know, almost all people even the middle class has a stable internet connection since some people use it as their main capital for their professions, for their self-made businesses, and for communicating with loved ones and friends. Here is a list of those so we can see it in a clearer way:

  • 3 Megabyte internet connection – Php1, 500
  • Cable TV – Php1, 000
  • 2 movie tickets – Php480
  • 1 bottle of beer in bars – Php55
  • 1 pair of jeans (local) – Php800
  • 1 pair of shoes (Nike, Adidas, etc.) – Php4, 500
  • Frappuccino (Starbucks) – Php180
  • Gym (per visit) – Php70
  • One month gym membership – Php2, 000

With that being said, it is somewhat affordable for people to satisfy their cravings for entertainment. If you have a taste for sophisticated entertainment, you would probably need to have better earnings and better income. Based on the list, you know should be aware of the estimated prices outside your homes.


We all need a place to go back to after a long day; a place we can be ourselves no matter what – our homes. Whether we plan on getting our own lot, condominium unit, hotel unit, or just renting for a place to stay, we need an amount that should fit all of those together. 

Shelter is one of the investments you should make as early as now because at the end of the day, you need a place you can call home; a place where you can be as carefree as possible with the person or people you care about the most.


If you have a job, transportation is usually one of the things you often think of because it is responsible from bringing you to one point to another so you might as well consider it a necessity. Here is a list of your transport that you should also take into consideration:

  • Jeepney ride about 10km – Php30
  • FX ride – Php60
  • Monthly ticket for trains – Php1, 500 
  • 1 liter of gas – Php38
  • Taxi with basic rate for 8km (5 miles) – Php240

When we report in to work late, we often blame the traffic so we might as well invest more in our transportation to avoid the hassle and the obstacles of public transport. That means we should have to think about it more than other factors considering our professions and jobs or even taking a trip or vacation because we all agree that discomfort in transportation can lead to negativity.

Personal Care (Medication)

Health is probably the most recognized factor of a person who is living; if not then it should be because what we are capable of depends on how healthy we are. Here is a list of what personal care is.


  • Medicine for colds for a week (branded) – Php120 
  • Medicine for colds for a week (generic) – Php68
  • Check – up with your local doctor – Ph600
  • Hair shampoo (400 ml) – Php190
  • Bath soap (375 g) – Php80
  • Toothpaste (regular size) – Php110
  • 1 box of antibiotics – Php500
  • Deodorant roll (50ml) – Php160

It is clear that health can be expensive because it can yield results that could change everything else in this list. Be sure to have your health checked regularly to avoid sudden changes, to prepare yourself financially, physically, and mentally, and to change habits you should change for the betterment of you and the people around you.

To conclude everything, these lists are just a clear estimation of what you have to pay in order to live inside the Philippines. Although there are more factors you should consider, these are the basic and most important that you should think twice about. This is a guide list of you in order to budget everything to have it all arranged and organized.

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