What type of commuter are you?

Here in our country, there are a lot of workers, students, and people who go from one point to another but not all of them have cars. A lot of people commute almost every day; nearly 700, 000 people ride the MRT every day, almost 1.5 million ride jeepneys. You get the point. Out of all those people, there are categories as to which you can put people to determine what type of commuter they are. How about you? What type of commuter are you?

type of commuter

1. The Sleepyhead

These are usually the people who come from far places to the city. Whether you are riding a jeepney, an fx/van, the train, or the bus, you will most likely see a lot of sleepyheads. They would first make their position a comfortable and established one and then they would start sleeping. Some would even slip and sleep on the shoulders of the ones besides them.

2. The Music is Life

Mostly students, the music is life type of commuter would not be able to hear anything since the volume on their device is probably on maximum. Students are not the only ones who are part of this category; 4 out of 10 commuters are probably having a good moment of their music while commuting.

3. The Front Runner

These are the type of people who consider riding in the front seat as a race and these often happen in an FX. They tend to pick a vehicle where there is no one seated at the front seat. While these happen in vans, some people also tend to ride in front of a jeepney. They do this because it is easier for them to communicate with the driver because they would not shout “para” at the top of their lungs when they reach their destination.

4. The Tourist

If they do not know by heart the place where they are headed to, they would seem worried and bothered as to when they should take off. People like this often ask their fellow commuters about locations, stop destinations, and a lot more in order for them to know exactly where they should go and what they should do. Some even carry a digital map with them to have a grasp of their journey.

5. The Quiet Kid

You would see this person sitting on the corner of any transport just quiet, tranquil, and calm. They would seem uninterested to be there in the first place because of how they react to some things.

6. The Good Samaritan

Some commuters bring a lot of stuff with them when they ride the jeepney. The Good Samaritan is the type of person who would initiate to help the person carrying a lot of stuff to his or her way in. They are also the ones who would actively give your fare to the driver if you are seated far away from the driver.

In a train and in a bus, they are the ones who would unhesitatingly offer their seats to women, elderly, or to those who are disabled.

7. The “Sabit”

This type of commuter is only present in a jeepney vehicle. If there is no space anymore but they want to ride the jeepney anyway, they would stand at the end of the jeepney. This is what we call “sabit” in our country; when you stand because there is no space left for you to sit in.

8. The Combination

Although there are only a few types listed in this article, there are combinations of these like the “quiet one + music is life + tourist”. There are however a lot of combinations of the types of commuters so observe if you want.

There are a lot of people who commute everyday and they managed to have a title to themselves as to how they commute. These are the different types of commuters and be ready because you will know a lot more after reading this. What type of commuter are you? Let us know in the comments section below.

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