11 Surprising Facts about Oceans

If you take a look at the globe, you will see a predominant color of blue and guess what that is – yes, those are oceans; different oceans from different regions in our planet which balance what we have. A lot of people know a thing or two about oceans like they are salty, they contain different lives, and so on. But these facts that I am about to tell you would definitely astound you and leave you wondering “what more can that ocean have?”

1. A basic one, 94% of all the life on Earth is aquatic… meaning, including us humans, are just a very small minority. Can you now imagine how vast our waters are?

2. If we convert the deep sea to museums, it would be an extremely larger museum than all museums that can be found on Earth combined. It holds more artifacts, remnants, and fossils than all museums in the world.

3. If you think that the longest and largest mountain range is the Himalayas, think again. The longest mountain range in the world can be found underwater and is called the Mid-Oceanic Ridge. This mountain range is a chain of mountains that run through the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean, and the Indian Ocean; it is 35, 000 miles long.

4. Our waters are rich source of nutrients and of course – fortune. Our entire planet’s oceans contain almost 20 million tons of gold.

5. You do know that the air we breathe is Oxygen, right? And we think that Oxygen just comes out of nowhere, correct? Well, 70% of all the Oxygen that we breathe are produced by the oceans. How can we live then if we do not have these?

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6. If you happen to think that we discovered a lot about our waters already, then you better check it again. In total, we only discovered 5% of the entire body of water which leads us to having 95% undiscovered underwater remains unknown.

7. It’s actually just fine to pee in the ocean – why? Because 95% of our urine is water and the Nitrogen which can be found in our Urea is used to feed and to keep the ocean plants and some creatures alive.

8. As mentioned earlier, our ocean produces 70% of all the Oxygen that we breathe and this is because a tiny microscopic organism called the Phytoplankton. Almost all of the sea life is dependent on Phytoplankton because they are the main source of the Oxygen that the oceans produce.

9. We know corals as miniature design, abstract structure, which is pleasing for our vision, right? Although some might know a deeper meaning to it, what’s most important now is that corals are so close to the chemistry and structure of human bones that it is now utilized in replace of broken bones or to repair bones.

10. The largest animal is not the Elephant – it is the blue whale and yes it does live underwater and is existent until now. It has a heart the size of a typical Volkswagen, can you imagine how amazing that is?

11. Below what we actually have in the maps for oceans, creatures residing there have different abilities and capabilities which are a result of their adaptation since light cannot seem to enter their region. Here, more than million creatures exist that we are not really familiar of.

Our planet is an extremely wonderful place; it can bring us greatness but it can be the door to our destruction as well if we fail to know how to preserve and to utilize it. Marine life has been our support since the start of our civilization and in just that point, we need to truly take care of it because it can be the turnover for life here on Earth.

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