17 Surprising Facts about Your Body and Health You Probably Didn’t Know

Our bodies are a wonderful place; from magical cures to one-second changes, it makes us either fully alive or almost rotten. Ever since, our health has been bases of studies because in the end, it all comes down to how healthy we are, right? A lot of people grow and disregard some things as regards to their health which is why in this article, we will be relaying 17 facts for you in order for you to know more and to live better.

17 Surprising Facts about Your Body and Health
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1. Our bodies can make its own aspirin – yes, you heard it right; our own bodies can produce its own pain-reliever by eating fruits and vegetables. Why? Benzoic Acid. Benzoic Acid is an acid that can be found in most fruits and vegetables. It is the reason how people create their own salicylic acid which provides pain-relievers their ability to ease pain.

2. Doubting your own body? Well, knowing that your stomach acid alone can melt metal is enough proof that your body is amazing, right?

3. Third-hand smoke particles, which are the smell of smoke that attaches to the hair and to clothing is a very dangerous substance. It is a cancer risk to children who can smell them and pets that can sense them.

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4. Lack of exercise in our generation is now causing as many deaths as smoking does. So you better keep yourself active and say good bye to your old habit of sitting around and looking at your technology all-day long.5. Who said farting is bad? Did you know that farting, as a matter of fact, is good for your health and it ultimately helps reduce high-blood pressure.

6. Your nose is actually better than you in memory because it can remember up to 50, 000 scents and no more than that.

7. “Laughter is the best medicine.” Yes, we all know that saying and it is most absolutely true. Having a good laugh for about 100 times is equal to a 15-minute stationary bike session. How’s that for cardio?

8. For women, you might want to exercise and do at least walk (with enough sleep of course) because it can lower your chances of getting breast cancer by a staggering 25%

9. You don’t actually notice it but you spend an approximate 10% of your day just blinking your eyes. Want to see it? – Don’t blink.

10. Although we have less than a million colors, our eyes are so high-tech, it can sense between 2.3 million and 7.5 million different colors – from shade, to light, etc.

11. Your pinky, although you consider it the least appealing in the group, is actually essential. Losing your pinky means losing half of your hand’s full strength.

12. Health affiliated – disregarding how you look or smell – the suggested volume of you showering is just actually once or twice in a week.

13. Sitting up straight actually made a positive effect on a person’s mood. Researchers suggest that people who sat with their backs straight tend to have better mood than those who didn’t. Theories suggest that simply sitting up triggers the body’s autonomic nervous regions which increase blood flow, making you feel happy, comfortable, and confident.

14. Ever experienced that weird feeling inside your stomach when you ride the roller coaster? That feeling is actually true to its guts – yes, your nerves sense the motion and the occurrence inside is actually what you feel; it twists, turns, and rolls as how your body does. It does not damage it but it gives you one hell of a ride.

15. Hate bacteria? Fun fact: There actually are more bacteria in your mouth than all the people in the entire world.

16. Not taking care of your beard is equivalent to not taking care of your armpits. Beards have the same bacteria that live in armpits/armpit hair so make sure that you take care of your beard (if you have one) by grooming it.

17. In order for a person to speak, 72 different muscles interact with one another in order to make this event possible. Without even 1 muscle, it would be difficult for a person to speak.

Yes, I am not surprised that you are surprised because it astounded me the first time I legitimately read about this as well. At least, now you know things and this can help you live a better and a more healthy life.

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