6 Proven and Effective Tricks to Improve your Memory

As we age, memory goes by as well. It is imperative that we take good care of our mentality before falling into the pit of it. Just like any muscle in our system, our brains can be trained and therefore, our memory can be improved even if our age goes way up the roof. Here are 7 of the best tips and tricks to improve and maintain your memory.

Play puzzles and video games

Improve your Memory

Studies suggest that making your brain work even though just for playing games, play a vital role in your memory. Satisfying yourself mentally with games and puzzles increases your grey matter which makes your brain technically bigger. Challenging your brain to perform more difficult problems leads to the path of improvement and enhancement.

Try playing at least 20 minutes a day and then increase the duration gradually. Having this kind of habit will make you yearn for more difficult tasks and more complex scenarios.

Eat the necessary food

“What you eat is what you are.” I know that we have all heard of the saying but how true is it? In a study done by the UCLA Memory Clinic, people who have less Omega-3 levels had brains which appeared to be 2 years older than it actually is. They say that in order to maintain a good memory, eating food that are rich in antioxidants, omega-3, and vitamin B12, is essential. Food like colorful fruits and green leafy vegetables are the food you want to consume to ensure the health of your brain and your memory.

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Learn the “Chunking Technique”

Did you know that humans can only store a limited number of things in our short-term memory – approximately about 7 different items. The chunking technique is a technique that can help you get past the limit of our brains to remember in the short-term memory; this method can be accomplished by grouping several items into a larger whole – so the groups would be the items itself. This technique is remarkable if you are obliged to memorize a streak.

Exercise and a good night’s sleep

Yes, we all know that getting insufficient rest damages not only our bodies but most definitely our brains as well. In addition to that, exercising not only makes your muscles bigger, but it also improves your brain’s capacity to think – exercise is not always physical; in fact, it is more mental than you actually think it is. 

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Exercising requires you to get adequate sleep in order for your exercise to be most effective, right? So exercising can ultimately benefit you and your memory with, of course, enough, proper, and dominant rest involved.

Treat memorizing as Music

Ever wonder why we can easily memorize lyrics in a song? This is because our brains tend to remember not the lyrics itself but the rhythm, the tone, and how the music was arranged. One good tip to be a master memorizer is to try and incorporate rhythm and sound to what you are opt to memorize. Music generally aids us in memorizing through alliteration and through rhythm so the next time you are to memorize something, try and partner it up with a little bit of music as well.

Learn a new and different skill

In other and truthful news, our memory in fact deteriorates when we get older; but taking care of it while we still can would actually slow down the process. Engage yourself in purposeful activities because it stimulates your neurological system, making most of the regions in your brain work. A study suggests that countering stress-related illnesses reduces the risk of dementia and improves brain function. So, learning a new skill is that important – now WE know.

Improving our memory is actually much more to what we suggest about it. It even includes countering diseases, making you look good, making you feel better, and a lot of other stuff that are in line with our health and well-being. Now that we are aware of how we can manage to slowly hinder the process of aging, make it a habit to practice making your brain work most of the time.

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