How to Cool down your hot car quickly

Heat is a major issue here in the Philippines and it is getting hotter and hotter each and every day. For people who have cars, traveling is not really an issue because most vehicles have fair air-conditioning. One thing they should be thinking of is when they leave their cars under the sun for a time. It is such a frustration to get inside a car that is scorching with heat and of course, it bugs everyone for a few minutes until it cools down. Here in the Philippines, the weather is unpredictable and therefore, you need a few tips and reminders on how you can cool your car as quickly as possible.

How to Cool down your hot car quickly

Why bother to cool down a hot car when in fact it can cool eventually? Well some people might have this question in mind and to tell you, I also asked this question but after knowing its effects, I then ignored the question.

  • HEAT STROKE. The number one reason why you should consider cooling down your car with wits.
  • If you have kids or pets, their health might be affected negatively because of the stored heat inside your car.
  • The heat can damage the things inside your car such as gadgets, shoes, clothes, even paper.

These are just some of the things that you might experience if you neglect the idea of cooling down your car before you actually hop into it. To avoid these, here are a few of the tips that we have gathered to help you with this dilemma.

Use a sunshade

Sunshades are the things that would be very beneficial in times like this; these are the foil-like structures that people place in their windshields and windows to protect the interior of your car to heat up. The foil-like structure lets the heat bounce back thus, failing to enter the car.

Ensure that your sunshade covers the whole of the windshield because that’s where most of the heat comes from.

The air-condition strategy

Some people just use the air-conditioning system to put the heat away but instead, latching unto that idea does not seem to hasten the process. You can use air-conditioning but you should have vents on your windows instead. Give it a 5-minute rest and from there, I can assure you that the heat is tolerable.

You can also turn the engine together with the air-conditioning on while the windows are down and start driving to let the wind outside blow through the interior of your car so that it cools down faster – A little sacrifice for the long-term benefit.

The little space technique

Some people are aware of the heat when they leave their cars in open spaces so what they do is they leave a slight space in their windows so that when it gets heated up, the heat can escape through the spaces in the windows. Just make sure that the space is not that noticeable to avoid robbery or even carnapping.


Not to state the obvious but you can do all of these things at once in order for you to have the assurance that your car won’t get heated up at the maximum level. You can have sunshades, do the air-conditioning strategy, and the window spaces techniques. Doing this can prevent your car to lock the heat inside your car and can even disallow the heat from staying inside. Be mindful of security because leaving your cars in open space with windows even slightly open is a risk.

Summer is far but as I’ve mentioned, the weather here in the Philippines is unpredictable so it will be better if we just stay prepared. And besides, when summer comes and you have an open-space parking, you won’t be confused and you won’t panic on what you should do to avoid locking the heat inside of your vehicle.

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