8 New Interesting Laws in the Philippines

A law, rule, or decree, commonly known as Republic Act in legal terms is a piece of legislation used to generate policy in order to achieve the principles of the Constitution. It is crafted and conceded by the Congress of the Philippines and must be commended by the President of the Philippines.

There are actually 40 new laws that were submitted through the 16th congress; unfortunately 36 lapsed after former President Benigno Aquino III and current President Rodrigo Duterte neither signed nor rejected the bills.

Interesting Law in the Philippines

In less than a hundred days of President Duterte as the 16th President of the Philippines, more than 30 bills have been passed in the congress already.

Here are the 8 most controversial new laws in the Philippines:

1) Republic Act 10883 – Stricter Anti-Carnapping Law

This is a non-bailable law, which only mean that the convicted carnappers are not allowed to bail and a jail sentence of 17 years was increased to 20 to 30 years. This requires the Land Transportation Office to keep a record of all cars and owners. The sentence of the convicted person will be extended from 30 years and one day up to 40 years if that person resorted to violence. A life sentence will be given to the carnapper if the victim is killed or raped.

2) Republic Act 10905 – Mandatory Subtitles

This law mandates all the operators of television shows of all the networks and producers to put subtitles in their programs to allow the deaf community to understand. Those who are airing between 1am to 6 am are exempted to this rule and also those program who release public service less than 10 minutes because this might just cause burden on their part. However, license to operate might be confiscated and a fine of at least P50, 000 but not more P100, 000 will be given to those who fail to follow or would serve 6months to 12 months jail time.

3) Republic Act 10906 – Stronger Measures for the Anti-mail-order Bride Law

This law keeps every Filipino woman from becoming mail order brides. It forbids any dealing or business of sending Filipinas overseas to wed foreign nationals; if proven guilty, they will be convicted to 15 years of jail time and to pay Php500, 000 but not more than Php1million as fine. This law also includes foreigners staying in the Philippines and will be deported back to their country once attested guilty. Any person who cooperated in this illegal act will also suffer the same penalty. On the other hand, if the operation is more than two people the convicted person will be penalized with 20 years of imprisonment and a 2-million but not higher than 5-million fine.

4) Republic Act 10909 – No More Candies or Inexact Change

This act mandates all business establishments to give sufficient or exact change to their customers and never to offer candies in exchange. It also requires every store to stick price tags with the exact price so the customers would immediately know the price of the items. Fines for the violation are as follows:

  • Php500 or 3% of gross sales for the 1st offense
  • Php5, 000 or 5% of the gross sales for the 2nd offense
  • Php15, 000 or 7% of gross sales and 3 months suspension for 3rd offense
  • Php25, 000 fine and business termination for the third offense

5) Republic Act 10910 – Longer Prescription for Crimes of Graft and Corruption

This law increases the jail time of the people convicted for the crime graft and corruption from 15 to 20 years.

6) Republic Act 10911 – Anti-age Discrimination for Employees

This mandates all employers to avoid discrimination on account of age. It also includes disallowing right compensation, withholding promotions, and denying developmental training opportunities for old –aged employees. Penalty is at least Php50.00 but not more than Php500, 000 and three months to two years of imprisonment.

7) Republic Act 10913 – Anti- Distracted Driving Act

This act prohibits the drivers from texting, calling or surfing the internet while driving. If found guilty, penalty is Php5, 000 to Php15, 000. Third offense of the law would mean confiscated license for three months.

8) Republic Act 10916 – Mandatory Speed Limiters

This law mandates all public vehicles to install speed limiters. Vehicles without speed limiters will have to comply within 18 months after it takes effect and are not allowed to register and will pay a fine of Php50,000. Meanwhile on the 1st offense, the driver’s license will be suspended for one month and the franchise permit for three months. Disobeyer’s license will be suspended for three months and franchise permit for six months for the 2nd offense. For 3rd offense, the revocation of license and franchise suspension for at least a year and an imposed fine is the penalty.

So how do you find our new laws? Would they somehow help our country in becoming a stable and a highly-economic one? Stay tuned for updates.

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