11 Filipino Uber Drivers Who Will Make You Wanna Ride Uber Every Day

Uber can sometimes be frustrating, given the fact that in every corner of our country, you can expect that the traffic is going to be heavy. But sometimes, it can also be an interesting turn because some Uber drivers go the extra mile to paint a smile on their passengers’ faces.

As the Philippine traffic is getting worse, the usage of Uber for Filipinos is becoming more prominent and frequent. Here are 21 Fiipino Uber drivers that deserve a million stars for going the extra-est of the extra mile.

The “too much care” Uber driver:

Kuya driver really wants to get his passenger home.

The driver who has a videoke in his car:

This guy deserves a medal… and a pretty neat incentive for being so creative and interesting!

The pun-tastic playwright:

The driver who likes to keep his passengers updated:

Some drivers need to have someone to be thoughtful to them as well, you know…

The F-boii Uber driver:

The “Filipina-mom like” Uber driver:

I don’t know about this one but I think kuya needs a break…

The Uber driver/matchmaker:

Kuya driver really knows the game, eh?

The Uber sensitive driver:

Kuya driver got angry and got frustrated because he thought he was called bastard by his passenger… So cute.

The long-lost son:

The guy who just wants to go home:

The driver who’s vulnerable:

See? Uber drivers are not all grumpy and mean. Sometimes, they can also give you a good impression by making you smile despite being tired after having a long day at work.

When will your next Uber ride be?

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