DFA Will Start To Impose No Appointment Without Upfront Payment

The Department of Foreign Affairs’ (DFA) online setting for passport appointments grew helpful and efficient. Why? Because it is now more organized and applicants don’t need to spend four hours in the DFA Office. With this, the DFA appropriately made improvements in the system of getting or applying for passports. In the system, people won’t be able to walk-in at DFA-ASEANA or any other DFA office without an appointment.

A few days ago, the DFA now requires down payment or upfront payment prior your appointment date. As per the department, this is to avoid people interacting with fixers for slot reservation, selling to passport applicants. Both passport application and passport renewal would have this newly imposed rule.

It was just April 14 of this year when the DFA started its e-payment system for applicants in the DFA-ASEANA office. Of course, with the goal to make everything easier, faster and more convenient.

If you also follow or view updates on the DFA website, you will see the advisory of the upfront payment there. It was written there that starting the 14th of April, all appointments, whether it’s for renewal or application, would require an upfront payment via the passport e-payment structure.

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What payment methods could people use?

As of the moment, there’s no clear indication of what processes and ways of the prepayment would be. However, there are current live testings before the official launch of the e-payment system. This is to ensure that there are no strings and breaks in terms of payment. Secretary Frank Cimafranca of the Office of Consular Affairs said:

When you enter your details sa appointment system, you would be made to pay. Bago tatanggapin ‘yung application mo, you will have to pay upfront. So you cannot avail of the appointment unless you pay

In addition to the fixer problem, this platform is also effective in ensuring or improving show-up rates of applicants. Why? Because most applicants tend to disregard or forget their schedules, leaving other applicants behind.

Do you think that this no payment no application scheme would be effective in improving the system? Moreover, would this help the current situation wherein people have to wait for other people to be finished?

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