6-Day Passport Release Now in Effect

Some time this year, the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) added a few bunches of slots per day for the passport appointment application. In addition, they also implemented the e-pay system which would allow people to pay before the date of the appointment. This way, people will be more careful in applying and will definitely […]

100, 000 Passport Appointment Slots Opened – DFA

Secretary Alan Peter Cayetano announced that the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) opened some 100,000 passport appointment slots last Friday, June 14, 2018, after its official launching of the ePayment system. As of 12 noon of June 14, some 50,000 passport appointment slots have been opened and another 50,000 slots will be opened in the evening […]

President Duterte Orders Total Lifting Of The Deployment Ban In Kuwait

The issue between Kuwait’s maltreatment over Filipino domestic workers have been simmering for months now. This led to President Duterte ordering a deployment ban to Kuwait February of this year. Over the past weeks, the issue is lessening in terms of intensity as Secretary Bello III together with Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) Secretary Alan […]

Kuwait Deployment Ban To Be Lifted If OFWs Are 100% Protected Says Cayetano

The Deployment Ban in Kuwait was a result of a lot of negative occurrences of our countrymen in their country. A lot of people were under abusive households; a lot of people got hurt. This is what sparked the fire for our government – our Dear President Duterte – to put a deployment ban to […]

Duterte Orders Philippine Embassies To Be Open On Weekends

Philippine Embassies around the world are there to give aid to Filipinos far from our country. For starters, you can think of it as an extension of our country’s governance. Around the planet, there are millions of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) who are far from their families just to put up with work. This is […]

DFA Will Start To Impose No Appointment Without Upfront Payment

The Department of Foreign Affairs’ (DFA) online setting for passport appointments grew helpful and efficient. Why? Because it is now more organized and applicants don’t need to spend four hours in the DFA Office. With this, the DFA appropriately made improvements in the system of getting or applying for passports. In the system, people won’t […]