LTFRB Responds To Grab Drivers’ Cancelled Rides

Since Uber was completely removed from the Philippines, a lot of riders had to put up with Grab. Although it’s a lot more expensive, a lot of commuters still need the convenience and the hassle-free way of being from one place to another; which is why they try Grab.

For the past days, a lot of feedback was given to some attitudes of Grab drivers when interacting with riders. The Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) will ask Grab why not to suspend services after hearing feedback of operations this past week.

A Grab customer/rider shared a screenshot of a driver’s message asking him to cancel his ride booking after waiting for some 20 minutes on Friday, 20th of April, 2018.

As you can see in the post, the Grab driver wants the rider to cancel the trip. The rider on the other hand, has nothing to do with the problem so he doesn’t want to cancel the trip. The Grab driver’s response? “OK lng sakin, ako eat muna. Nagmamadali ka, ikaw cancel.” 

This status was posted and submitted by Karl Hui on Facebook last Friday. Good thing that the LTFRB and the Grab Community was able to see and take action to this.

Brian Cu, the country head of Grab Philippines, said that he company is “taking a harder stance to crack down” on drivers who cancel rides.

I do hope our driver partners understand that behavior like this has a ripple effect on the community. Grab is doing its part, I hope that you do too,” he said in a Facebook post.

In addition to that, the driver tagged in Hui’s complaint has been suspended and he says that the drive “won’t likely be able to drive on Grab again,” he said.

Why do drivers want riders to cancel the trip?

These drivers want riders to cancel for them to avoid penalties in cancelling, said Martin Delgra III, chairman of the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board. Furthermore, Delgra said that this practice is like disobeying franchise rules and of course refusal to render services.

Sa Monday po, mag-i-issue kami ng show cause order against the driver and the operator, and obviously, also summon Grab as regards that particular incident.

Moreover, the LTFRB said that drivers who refuse to render service will serve a fine of Php5, 000.00 for the first offense; Php10, 000.00 for the second offense with impounding the unit for 30 days.

Another incident would be from Christopher Mariano which was also seen on Friday, 20th of April.

On Monday, Grab Philippines will be summoned by the LTFRB pertaining to these incidents. Not only this, there are also drivers who ask for prices more than the agreed amount upon booking. With reasons of “heavy traffic,” “destination’s too far,” and all others you can think of. Hopefully, this will come to an end as the LTFRB will have it straightened out this coming week.

The P2 price hike has already been addressed for the LTFRB already ordered Grab to reduce its rates and have them explain the P2 per minute travel.

Source: ABS-CBN News

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