LeBron James Signs a Four-Year Deal with the Los Angeles Lakers for $153.3M

After suffering an utter defeat from the Golden State Warriors in the 2018 NBA Finals, LeBron James decides to join the Los Angeles Lakers this coming season. Dubbed as the GOAT (Greatest of All-Time), LeBron James signs a four-year deal with the Los Angeles Lakers for $153.3M.

The announcement was given by his agency, the Klutch Sports Group around 1:00 PM in Central Time. In addition to that, they also gave figures which were $153.3M in four years.

LeBron James signs a four-year deal with the Los Angeles Lakers
Image: Slate.com

According to reports, this four-year contract is one of the longest contracts LeBron has ever signed. The longest was his six-year contract with the Miami Heat last 2010. Moreover, the contracts he was previously under were three years shorter, making this deal with the Los Angeles Lakers controversial.

For the second time around, LeBron leaves his hometown as a free agent in his whole NBA career. As LeBron James signs a four-year deal with the Los Angeles Lakers, he said his thanks to all fans in the state including everyone who believed in him.

Through his Instagram account, he gave thanks to everyone for welcoming him. In text overlaying a photo from the 2016 Cavaliers NBA title victory parade, he wrote “Thank you Northeast Ohio for an incredible 4 seasons. This will always be home.”

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In that year, he helped the Cleveland Cavaliers become the first team in the NBA Finals history who won from a 3-1 deficit. In addition, he also was successful in delivering a championship in the city after 52 years.

Dan Gilbert, Cleveland Cavaliers owner said in a statement thanking James:

Words do not express the meaning and the feeling this accomplishment brought to the people of Northeast Ohio. None of this would have happened if LeBron James did not agree to come back home and lead the Cavaliers to the promised land.”

He is truly grateful and proud of what “The King” has brought to the team.

LeBron, you came home and delivered the ultimate goal. Nothing but appreciation and gratitude for everything you put into every moment you spent in a Cavaliers uniform. We look forward to the retirement of the famous #23 Cavs jersey one day down the line…” He added.

In addition to the game, the team and the entire management is also set to be in partnership with LeBron James through businesses and activities. He currently has a production company and he owns two houses in Southern California.

Could this be the start of something fresh for LeBron James? What did you first think about when you read that LeBron James signs a four-year deal with the Los Angeles Lakers?

The L.A. Lakers is set off of a good start this 2018-2019 season since their breakdown last season ending at 35-47, staying in the 11th position in the Western Conference. Could James be the answer to add to their 16 championship titles?

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