TESDA to Provide 50,000 Technical-Vocational Programs

The Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) has been giving aid to Filipino people especially to those who were not granted the chance to finish schooling. As we all know, TESDA provides different training courses and programs both through their training centers and TESDA online. Right now, they’re only offering 18, 000 Technical-Vocational programs but Guiling Mamondiong, Director General of TESDA, said that they’re planning to create 50, 000 more training opportunities that would help the Philippines’ economy grow.

What would more Technical-Vocational programs do?

TESDA’s Technical-Vocational programs are short courses that provides certificates of completion. Completing a course and a program would show that you have learned the basics and ins-and-outs of the program and employers would be attracted with what you’re offering.

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More Technical-Vocational programs mean higher chances of employment even for people who were not able to finish their studies. These programs and courses would produce skilled-workers so you will be eligible to work abroad if the skilled-work they’re looking for is the one you have completed.

The Philippine government set aside Php6.9 billion for these technical-vocational programs and courses alone, according to TESDA Deputy Director General Alvin Feliciano.

In addition to that, he also said that the government will provide proper tools to students and the scholars.

The government has seen that tech-voc graduates have the ability to become entrepreneurs, that is why the government wants to give them a complete package,” Feliciano said

Guiling Mamondiong, General Director, said that TESDA needs to further expand on providing opportunities that workers need. He said that they need to provide extra support to world-class workers. Besides, this will reflect the image of how our country trains workers for worldly contributions. In addition to that, he also said that TESDA will be promoting online activities such as training, assessments, and certification.

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TESDA would need better and improved internet access so that the students and scholars can adapt. However, Mamondiong said that he does not think that they would have a problem with their internet access because the Department of Information and Communications Technology is currently on the move in improving it.

Whenever we talk about industrial revolution, some people think robots would eventually replace the labor workforce. I don’t think all the labor workforce would be replaced by robots. (Maybe) just some,” he said.

Hopefully, these new programs can overall improve the status of workers here in our country. Moreover, they can use it as a springboard to achieve whatever they want to achieve in their fields.

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