Boracay Do’s and Don’ts After the Rehabilitation

Earlier this year, President Rodrigo Duterte ordered the island of Boracay to be cleansed and rehabilitated. This is because the Boracay island is more of an agricultural location than a tourist spot. So, people and departments teamed up to follow our dear President’s orders. In the 3rd week of this month, Boracay will be reopened to travelers and tourists; and after the 6-month closure, officials made a promise to implement new rules to avoid this from ever happening again.


One of the few things on why this happened was because of the number of people visiting the island. By these new Boracay do’s and don’ts, we can expect a better way of handling the island.

Beach activities

These new beach activity rules will be focusing on tourists and travelers. However, everyone is expected to participate and to follow these new rules even residents frequent Boracay travelers.

  • Laboracay or the famous Boracay Labor Day party will be banned. There’ll be no more partying during Labor day.
  • Boracay sand castling activity will be looked at and will be regulated.
  • Boracay water activities will be temporarily suspended.
  • No Smoking and No Drinking will be put on numerous strategic locations to remind people that it’s already not allowed.
  • Tourists and travelers won’t be allowed to dine on the beach anymore. This is to avoid trash and garbage being spread everywhere on the island.
  • Diving activities will be suspended temporarily.
  • Officials won’t allow installation of electric lights on the beach front anymore.
  • Fireworks displays would only be allowed until 9:00 P.M.
  • No more firedancing activities and presentations.
  • Officials would also ban casinos anywhere on the island.
  • No more souvenir shops or hawkers on beach fronts.

As you can see, these Boracay do’s and don’ts in beach activities are aiming to improve the condition of the island. Moreover, these things would actually be essential in the betterment of the island in terms of tourism, cleanliness, orderliness, and disposal practices.

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Livelihood and water lines

If the new Boracay do’s and don’ts on beach activities are focused on travelers and tourists, these livelihood and water lines rules and regulations will be focusing more on the people who live in Boracay or those people who regularly visit the island.

  • Hotels and establishments that do not have a treatment facility or a proper sewage system won’t have the permission to operate.
  • No more poultry farms and piggeries will be seen on the island; these businesses will already be banned.
  • Unfortunately, no more lechon for visitors and tourists as coal-roasting meat will be prohibited in the island.

The Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority (TIEZA) will be the main and ONLY provider of water lines in Boracay. Yes, no other company will be able to regularly supply water throughout the island aside from TIEZA.

In addition to those regulations, there are new things to take note of that is about the entry and the accommodation of establishments in the island. New Boracay do’s and don’ts would include these which will focus on buildings, businesses, and establishments on the island.

  • Tourists MIGHT BE required to present reservation or proof of accommodation from hotels. This is for people to be filtered so no sleeping on shores anymore.
  • A total of 19, 000 tourists and travelers would be the maximum count of the people on the island; no more than that amount.
  • Before the change, there were a total of 12, 000 rooms. Now, it was reduced to 6, 000 – 9, 000 rooms.

Major changes depending on the weight of the influence will be implemented in the island. With these new Boracay do’s and don’ts in accommodation, livelihood, and beach activities, it’s quite an expectation that new things will be coming into play especially in maintaining the look, feel, and the overall condition of Boracay island.

Boracay Island is saying NO to plastic

The Local government of Boracay is no going to be strict with plastic. Moreover, they will be implementing a rule that would disallow firms, establishments, and businesses who distribute plastic like plastic bags, straws, plastic cups, plastic utensils, and more.

Therefore, by looking at what is happening with the current status of Boracay, we can say that these Boracay do’s and don’ts are actually focusing on improving the experience of tourists and travelers, to maintain a clean and healthy location, and to promote the goodness of having a vacation in the Philippines.

What do you think about the new Boracay do’s and don’ts? Do you think that these new rules and regulations are enough for us not to experience the island being closed again? Would these things be enough to maintain the best quality of the island?

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