Easiest and Best Countries Filipinos can Immigrate to

A lot of Filipinos think of leaving the country for a better future. Part of that is true, however, many still disregard the fact that they’ll be leaving their family members here in our country. Point of the fact is that a majority of our countrymen think that they’ll have a beautiful and fulfilling life if they’re not in the Philippines. Many Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) decide to leave the Philippines and bring their families with them for good. Though that’s not the easiest thing to do, they’re determined because of the higher cap of salary, better environment, and more opportunities. Out of over two hundred (200) countries, which
are the best countries Filipinos can immigrate to? In this article, we will be enumerating those countries in order for you to know your options where you can immigrate to.

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First off, why do Filipinos migrate?

It can be subjective, it can be a dream, but generally, people want to migrate to enhance their lifestyles. Working abroad is part of many Filipinos’ dreams; salary-wise, benefits-wise, and overall livelihood. Also, education systems abroad are known to be far better, but we can’t be too sure.

In conclusion, Filipinos spend time thinking about this because of the fact that they’ll have more opportunities, they can work with a decent income, and for the culture they can adapt to.

There are certain countries where it’s extremely easy for Filipinos to immigrate to. Here are the easiest, the fastest, and the best countries Filipinos can immigrate to.

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Belgium is one of the European countries you would like to visit. In addition to that, Belgium also offers neat plans for residency there. The only main and primary thing you have to do is to get a job.

Once they offer you a job, they’ll even offer you a residency permit just after two (2) weeks of being employed. Yes, just after two weeks, you can apply for permanent residency and you’re on the right path. Depending on what region you are in, you have to hold onto your job to ensure that you’ll be a permanent resident.

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The only downside in all of these is that you need to be employable for you to get a job. Meaning, you have to pass requirements of certain private companies. Now, do you understand why Belgium is one of the best countries Filipinos can immigrate to?


Belgium, one of the best countries where Filipinos can immigrate to
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Let’s start with one of the best you can think of. Austria is known to be one of the top destinations in Europe. However, if you’re trying not to spend too much or if yo like living an inexpensive lifestyle, you might want to think twice in transferring to Austria. The reason on why Austria is one of the best countries Filipinos can immigrate to is because it offers over ten (10) different types of  permits for residence and that YOU DON’T have to have any form of an investment.

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The down side is that you need to apply for the residence card not in Austria. Americans and Europeans don’t need this because they can just get a D-Visa which will allow them a 6-month stay in Austria which is ample time to secure a wife or a job and then get a proper visa.


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The South American beauty is actually looking for a lot of people to live there. It’s easy because you only need one requirement for you to immigrate there, you need to deposit money in a Parguayan bank. Although that’s the only “main” requirement you need, it’s not a joke. An amount of around $4, 500 – $5, 000 is enough. Usually, it’s around thirty-five (35) to thirty-seven (37) times the monthly minimum salary.

With that amount, you can live there for more than a year, not bad, right?


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If you ever dream of living in an Instagrammable location, then immigrating to Ecuador might be perfect for you. The reason on why it’s part of the list of easiest and best countries Filipinos can immigrate to is because of its low cost of living. With around $800 (P46, 400.00),
you can pay off a home. What you need is to show a form of proof that around $800 to $1, 000 will regularly be supplied in your bank account every single month.

If you’re a person with reasonable and decent trust funds, pension funds, and regular compensation, moving to Ecuador could be where you’re just tailor-fit to travel to. Talk about the immense culture and beautiful sights there.


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Canada, which is a country favorite, is in fact, part of the simplest and best countries Filipinos can immigrate to. Other than the fact that the country is diversified, a lot of opportunities actually a wait Filipinos with skilled lines-of-career. To put it simply, the immigration rules and regulations solely depend on the skill a certain person has.

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If you meet Canada’s skill or education requirement, you can undergo their express entry program. You’d have to fill an online form which will assess your eligibility. Find out more about that here.

More so, if you have relatives and family members in Canada, you can enter as a student and just prove that you have the funds to pay for your schooling and you can get there.

Costa Rica

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If you haven’t known, Costa Rica is a popular spot because of the relaxation, scenery, and oceanic views. Not only does it have a low cost of living, it also offers a lot of opportunities. Plus, it brings you closer to North America where a lot of things can happen. Costa Rica
is actually a perfect place for retirees.

As of the moment, they offer a visa which only requires at least $1, 000 a month for retirees. However, if you can be considered as a worker, you would need a job to settle there. If you have a good set of communication skills, finding a job there won’t be too difficult. This is what makes Costa Rica one of the fastest, easiest, and best countries Filipinos can immigrate to.


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Want to move to Central America with English fluency and super low living costs? If your answer to both questions are yes, then you might be dreaming of Belize, after all. It’s stretched in the edges of Guatemala and Mexico and is considered to be one of the most beautiful destinations in Central America.

With a cost of living that exactly fits the budget and an easy way to immigrate to, you would want to stay there. As a matter of fact, you can immediately apply for a permanent residency there after only living there for a year. To do this, you can go there with a 30-day tourist visa and keep on renewing it every after thirty (30) days. Hit the 50-week or the one (1) year mark, you should be in. Note that you would have to pay $1, 000.00 and to note some departments who might ask you to leave for two (2) weeks every after six (6) months.

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NOTE: When you exit the country, your one-year or annual countdown will automatically be reset. So, you need to make sure that you stay in the  country for one whole year.


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Want to live in paradise? Well, Seychelles might be the country for you. Seychelles is a group of over 110+ islands along the western Indian Ocean. All you need is a valid passport upon entry to Seychelles. After you decide that this might be the country you might  want to live in, you can get permanent residency after the 5-year mark.

The twist, however is that you would at least need $1 million to be able to hold yourself in the island. Nevertheless, that makes Seychelles one of the best countries Filipinos can immigrate to.


Living in the city with beautiful urban jungles is probably part of every Filipinos’ dream. Other than its progressive culture, Sweden is a good choice if you’re looking for stability and high-grade salaries.  Although the requirement in order for you to immigrate in Sweden is kind of
complex, it starts out with you having a job offer to get a work visa.

Sweden’s immigration process is done online. Furthermore, people can actually spend a few months in the country for you to find people, connections, jobs, and a way for you to immigrate there.

These are just some of the countries where you have only a narrow choice of requirements. I’m not saying that getting into these countries is easy and that you won’t break a sweat; you’d still have to pass certain eligibility requirements and there are still things that you need to meet. However, with these requirements, you’d definitely consider immigrating there. Hell, you’ll even think of getting your family there as well.

Dreaming of leaving the country after you retire? Want to immigrate to a new country so you can work there? Or do you want your family to live a life far from how they are right now here in our country? Have a pick on this list of the easiest and best countries Filipinos can immigrate to.

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