HiDOK, a Mobile App for a Doctor’s Appointment, Now Out in Davao

Ever wanted to have immediate access to a medical consultation? How would you feel to have easier and lighter ways to be checked by a doctor? Right now, a mobile app for a doctor’s appointment is currently in the works to be designated to everywhere. However, Davao is the first few to have this for more efficiency and for faster feedback.

HiDok App

Vic Cabatbat and Aljabier Sankigay, two nurses in Davao had an idea to provide convenience to people who need medical attention. In addition, this would be extremely helpful especially for people who come from far places and have appointments with their doctors personally.

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According to the two nurses, HiDOK, a mobile application for a doctor’s appointment can help patients especially those who travel to Davao only to have a medical consultation only to find that the doctor they need is not available.

Therefore, the HiDOK application can help them determine whether or not the doctor they’re looking for is available or not.

Vic Cabatbat also manages and runs a heavy-equipment rental business, says that long lines and queues could actually be harmful and could be a waste for economic resources and also effort and time.

The app will at least let us know when to set an appointment, allowing us to do other things before or after to maximize our time in the city,” Cabatbat said.

Sankigay adds that it’s a simple and a single application; all we need to do is to sign-up as a patient or as a doctor. Then, it’ll automatically be transmitted to the system, just like social media. Since he also owns a small hospital in Maguindanao, he knows the hassle and pressure of waiting in long lines and with the app, all of these could be avoided.

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Currently, HiDOK is a running app which has a record of doctors and patients who utilize it regularly. Just find the app in either your Play Store or App Store, download it for free, and utilize it efficiently.

Who knew that a mobile app for a doctor’s appointment would be possible? With these new types of innovation, everyone can have the convenience and would not anymore go through the hassle of medical consultation.

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