UAE Laws That Might Cause Imprisonment or Deportation When it Gets Violated

All over the world, there are rules and laws you should follow in order for peace and containment to be existent. Especially in countries where there are a lot of foreigners, laws and rules would really be a big thing. In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), laws are what makes their kingdom unique and high-quality. If you’re not aware, there are certain laws that could be impacting especially if they’re violated. Here are few of the UAE laws that can cause imprisonment, high fines, and even deportation for foreign workers if they’re violated.

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Are you an OFW in the Middle East? Or do you know any OFWs in the UAE? If yes, then better be aware of these UAE laws that you would not expect because it can either cost you a lot of money or your job and vacancy in the kingdom.

Copyright/Photography and posting it on the Internet

Publishing or displaying things that are not yours is actually a legal crime. As a matter of fact, in the UAE, posting other people’s photos without their permission can result to the person who posted being jailed. This is considered as privacy breach and can escalate if the affected person or party files a legal complaint against you.

Since this is considered as a cybercrime, you can be fined from DH150, 000.00 to DH200, 000.00 depending on the weight of the violation plus jail time.

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In addition, taking photos and videos of traffic and accidents on the road and aviation accidents on the internet is also a violation of the law. If you get caught disobeying this, you could be fined from DH50, 000.00 to DH3 million.

Middle finger-flashing

Here in the Philippines, it’s not a totally big deal flashing your middle finger to a friend or someone you know. However, one of the UAE laws actually deals with this. If you get caught giving this to someone even to someone you know in the country, you WILL BE deported. That’s not a might or maybe, you will definitely be sent back to where you came from. Even if you don’t mean it, as long as you get caught, there are no excuses.

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According to the Federal Penal Law, this gesture is somewhat disrespecting dignity and honor under the UAE Penal Code. So, better be careful in joking in these types of ways to your friends and to people you know.

Inappropriate or foul language

OFWs in UAE should always watch their language whenever they’re in a place where locals are around. Why? Because this is one of the UAE laws that a lot of foreigners disregard. Dropping the F-word out in public is against the law.

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If you get caught, you can face prison sentence or fine of up to DH500, 000.00. Worse, foreign workers can even get deported. So, drop your constant swearing and be conscious of what comes out of your mouths. You’re in a place where you’re expected to behave in the best manner you can.


If you think that jaywalking is a common issue here in the Philippines, the UAE actually takes this seriously. In a report this year, Abu Dhabi alone had over 50 thousand tickets for 50 thousand pedestrians who illegally crossed roads for last 2017.

Traffic and Patrol Directorate told pedestrians to utilize bridges, underpasses, and pedestrian lines to crossroads. This would make motorists and cars slow down and, of course, to promote safety on roads.

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In this UAE law, being caught violating this would fine you DH400.00. Find a designated location on where you can cross and don’t risk both your lives and the fine that the kingdom imposes.

Irregulated fundraising

Getting help for money or fundraising through social media without necessary permission is actually against the UAE Charity Law. If you’re going to ask for help, you have to first ask for approval from the Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department. This way, everyone’s sure that the funds won’t get in the bad side.

Not being able to cope with this could fine you from DH250, 000.00 to DH500, 000.00 and imprisonment. Worse is that if you’re a foreign worker, you can get deported.

Spreading rumors, gossiping, and sharing secrets

One of the weirdest and more serious UAE laws is violating the law of sharing secrets and gossiping. According to Article 379 of the Penal Code of the UAE, this punishment has a detention period of not less than a year and a fine not less than DH20, 000.00.

This would apply to people who are entrusted of a secret and if the potential party discloses this information without being lawfully allowed. In addition to this, you are not allowed to share erroneous stories and information because you will be subject to the punishments as well.

Littering and spitting in public

We Filipinos are very used to spitting in public places. This is why OFWs in the UAE should be warned because being caught spitting would impose a fine of DH500.00. Littering, would also cost a fine of DH500.00 and could even be the reason of why you are going to be deported back to your country.

It’s actually not difficult to follow this law. All you have to do is to be conscious; spitting and littering are one of the illnesses of Filipinos. However, by practicing it, you can be carefree.

Checking another person’s phone

Yes, one of the UAE’s laws is that you can’t check another person’s phone. For them, it’s illegal to invade the privacy of another person and can lead to a fine of up to DH500, 000.00.

Back in 2016, a woman in Ajman was accused of invading her husband’s privacy after she transferred pictures from his phone to her phone through WhatsApp. She was fined DH150, 000.00 and was deported back to her country.

So how do you avoid getting a fine for violating these laws?


The answer to this is simple: you follow. It’s pretty understandable especially if you’ve been out of the country first time. However, if you’re already a veteran and you know how things work, it’s necessary. Just think of it like following rules and regulations here in the Philippines – now is that really difficult?

There are foreigners who can’t escape the fact that they’re trained that way. Filipinos, on the flip side, are different. We’re known to be chameleons who blend with other people and other culture easily. This is why a lot of other races love us around.

Having that in mind, it should be easy for you to abide by these regulations; you don’t just do good, you also escape the large fines that the kingdom might ask from you if they catch you not doing what their laws say.

As you can see, there are certain UAE laws that might seem light for our country but it’s actually a big deal for them. In conclusion, it’s important in knowing these laws in order for everyone to be safe especially our OFWs who are working in the Middle East.



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