New Landport Bus Terminal That Looks and Feels Like an Airport: The Parañaque Terminal Exchange (PITx)

Ever dreamed of a Landport Bus Terminal that looks like an airport? Well, your dreams will become a reality as about three (3) years ago, the Philippine government had an agreement with MWM Terminals Inc. to establish and operate the so-called Southwest Integrated Terminal Exchange (SWITEx).

Image: Picture taken from PITX

This SWITEx would be the Philippine’s very first land transport terminal that’s intermodal. This landport bus terminal would be the origin and the last stop of buses and other PUVs from and going to cities and prime locations in Southwest Manila through Coastal Road and Cavitex (Manila-Cavite Expressway).

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Since it’s going this landport bus terminal is going to be established in Parañaque, it’s going to be called the Parañaque Integrated Terminal Exchange (PITx). It will service commuters to and from some places in Manila and SouthWest Manila.

When will the landport bus terminal be open?

As per the developers, it will open soon. As a matter of fact, the construction has already been finished and it’s just being finished. Edgar Saavedra, Megawide Chairman, and CEO said that in the last few parts of the year, this project will be finished.

In the fourth quarter, we will be opening one of the government’s flagship projects, the Parañaque Integrated Terminal Exchange or PITX. This will be the country’s first landport, which will have numerous transport connections serving passengers from the southwest of Metro Manila while helping to address the worsening problem of traffic congestion.”

PITX Ticketing
Image: Picture taken from PITX

What is the aim of this landport bus terminal?

Because of the traffic problems and the congestion of major areas in our country, the PITx aims to fully decongest EDSA and other roads in Metro Manila. This will urge and somehow entice bus drivers and operators to start and end trips at the PITx instead of picking up and dropping passengers off the streets.

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As of the moment, this is the only landport bus terminal built but the Philippine government plans on establishing more at the northern and southern parts of the Metro. However, our dear President and the construction giant is planning to beautify these landport bus terminals. This is in order for people to patronize this establishment and for a complete change in our transport system.

The PITx to look like an airport terminal…?

Image: Picture taken from PITX

With its elegant and great name, the PITx will have a fully air-conditioned terminal with video screens, charging stations, and free Wi-Fi to passengers. Yes, the landport bus terminal would really look like an airport. In addition, the PITx will also have several retail outlet stores and fast-paced casual restaurants and fast food chains.

All of these are going to open when the terminal starts operations. Furthermore, just like airports, there’ll be usherettes and ushers to serve as guides for passengers to find bays, areas, and gates.

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Now, that’s really sounding like an airport, isn’t it? There’s one thing that separates landport bus terminals from airports, though. It won’t be mainly served by taxis and grab cars. The PITx will be aided by UV Express vans and FX’s, jeepneys, and even city buses for passengers to arrive and to leave the terminal.

How many people can the PITx accommodate?

PITX Launch
Image: Picture taken from PITX

Although this is still in the works, according to Megawide, it can serve 100, 000 passengers daily. Annually, this landport bus terminal will be able to fit in about 36 million people who are coming and arriving at the PITx. This amount is actually more than what Megawide is used to at their Mactan-Cebu International Airport (MCIA) because this Cebu airport only houses around 12.5 million passengers a year.

PITX Tickets now has a QR code
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Although that’s the case, the MCIA is somewhat President Duterte’s inspiration for the PITx. He actually dubbed it as the “most beautiful airport in the country today.”

What can we expect of this landport bus terminal?

Since the PITx is the first project like this in our country, our expectations of it are solid. Other than the fact that it looks like, if not, better than our airports, it would provide drastic and extreme convenience to bus passengers. Moreover, it’s an effective way of decongesting traffic in major areas of Manila and other heavy-traffic locations in the Metro.

PITX Photo from Elyssa Lopez of (Landport Bus Terminal Waiting Area)
Image: Picture taken from Elyssa Lopez of

The original plan is for them to finish construction and to be operational in the first quarter of 2018. However, it’s kind of a good thing that it’ll be done on the last part of the year.

As per the developers and reports, we should expect its operations any time soon and that we can utilize it fully by the start of next year.

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