The Potato Corner Lab is Waiting to be Discovered by Fans!

Potato Corner has been one of the more famous snack go-to’s of Filipinos. Other than the fact that they’ve served Filipinos for more than 25 years, they’re still the country’s favorite when it comes to french fries. After the Potato Corner Craze, an application where you get free fries if you get to a certain score, there’s now the Potato Corner Lab.

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Are you a Potato Corner addict? If yes, then this will be heaven for you. They recently opened the Potato Corner Lab which features twenty-five (25) different flavors, a self-order kiosk, and other new features.

The new Potato Corner Lab is now open
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25 flavors?! Is that new?

Yes – 18 of those flavors are new and it’s just waiting for fans. We all know about the classic flavors like Chili Barbecue, Cheese, Sour Cream but in the Potato Corner Lab, behold because you will be able to experience and to taste the new flavors and exclusives like Kimchi, Maple Bacon, Seafood, Ketchup and Mayo, Chili Lime, and more!

In addition to those flavors, there are also flavors for sweet-tongued people like Cookies and Cream, Cotton Candy, Chocolate, and Cinnamon.

Potato Corner Lab and the self-ordering kiosk

To add to those new and exciting flavors, the Potato Corner Lab is also the first of its kind to have a self-ordering kiosk wherein people can have a mix of their own concoction. Not only will this help you avoid long-lines, you can also think of it as a platform of thinking of the flavor you want to go to. Why? Because you can customize the cut of your fries, add toppings to it, or do whatever you like with your fries.

It’s called the Potato Corner Lab in order for fans and people to experiment on the fries themselves without having to bother the fries barista.

Once you finish your order through the kiosk, you will have your order processed and you’ll then get a claim stub which is what you will present when your order is ready. Yes! The machine sends your creation straight to the people who does the fries. After that, you’re good! You can go!

The lab is a haven for people who have been Potato Corner fans for years. More so, who won’t be excited with the fact that they can play with how their fries looks like and tastes?

Are you ready for the Potato Corner Lab? It’s located at 4/F Glorietta 4, Ayala Center, Makati City. See you there!

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