400 Filipino Nurses, Needed by Germany

As we all know, Filipinos are one of the few races that are known to be great workers. This is why a lot of countries especially in the Southeast Asian region look to our country whenever they need foreign workers. Other than the fact that we Filipinos have good work ethics, we also have good behavior when it comes to interacting with other people.

There have been lots of news pertaining to other countries and governments looking for OFWs. Just last year, Israel was looking for over 5,000 workers in their hotel industry. Moreover, Japan was and might probably be still looking for 17,000 jobs in different industries. By looking at these events, it is clear that foreign countries tend to look at OFWs as their bread and butter in finding foreign workers.

Are you looking for a job abroad? Have you missed an opportunity in working abroad in the previous years? No worries because Germany is looking for at least 400 workers, mainly, Filipino nurses according to the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA). Don’t be worried now because you have a chance in getting a job in this European country.

As per the POEA, the qualifications in order for an individual to be able to get a spot at this are:

  • The individual needs to be either a male or female Filipino citizen;
  • Must be a permanent resident of the Philippines;
  • Must have an active Philippine Nursing License;
  • Has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing BS in Nursing; and
  • Has at least two (2) years of professional experience with relation to rehabilitation centers, healthcare institutions, and (bedside) in hospitals.

More so, the POEA also says that the applicants must have a German language proficiency. In the event that that he or she is not yet knowledgeable in this, the applicant must be willing to undergo German language training in the country. They need to attain at least B1 level and must be available to attend language classes from April 2019 to May 2019. If the applicant has a B2 language proficiency level, they can also apply for this. This was in accordance to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Qualified applicants are directed to register online at www.eservices.poea.gov.ph and personally submit the required documents (fastened in a folder) under the heading “German Federal Employment Agency RSF No. 180028” at the Blas F. Ople Bldg. (formerly POEA Bldg.), Ortigas Avenue corner EDSA, Mandaluyong City.

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