Shakey’s Will Open 20 New Stores This Year

Are you a fan of Shakey’s? If yes, then this will be an absolutely good news for you. Shakey’s, one of the top and visited fast food chains here in our country, announced that they will be opening twenty (20) more stores in the country this 2019. According to them, this is because of the growing demand of the brand in different cities and towns outside the Metro.

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Before we get to that, if you have not known, Shakey’s has a set of their delivery menu that might be new to you. You can refer to the Shakey’s Delivery Menu: Promos and Discounts if you are interested in getting a hold of their online delivery.

Shakey’s Pizza Ventures Asia Inc to add 20 more branches here in the Philippines

According to the operator of Shakey’s restaurants, this will bring their number to a total of 248 stores nationwide. So, it is inching closer and closer to the number of McDonald’s in our country which is around 500; they opened their 500th store last 2016.

Stores that opened last year, around 80 percent of those, were established outside the National Capital Region (NCR). More so, 75 percent of it were franchised, according to the operator.

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Shakey’s President and CEO Vicente Gregorio said that they are looking forward to expanding farther than they are doing now to bring in the premium service they provide.

We are focused on expanding outside Metro Manila where we see great potential in terms of demand for the premium yet affordable dining experience we provide.”

What drives them to open more stores, you may ask?

Well, since consumers are open to spending more, Shakey’s tend to open more stores to be able to accelerate consumer spending in general. Consumer spending, which also is a good way to fuel the economy, is where the company banks on to open more stores, said Gregorio.

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Shakey’s is opening more stores and is accepting franchises; not to be good for their business but to help with the Philippine economy as well.

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