Sugba Lagoon, The Famous Lagoon in Siargao, Closed For Rehabilitation

Here in the Philippines, out of the seven thousand islands, it’s pretty obvious that a lot of hidden gems can be found. Boracay, Palawan, and Cebu are among the top destinations both tourists and locals yearn to go to. However, not many people knew about Siargao and it only burst when the movie came out.

After the Siargao movie, Siargao became one of the top destinations here in the Philippines. Not because of the movie, but also because of the hidden beauty Siargao has to offer.

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Just like other best destinations here in the country, Siargao has different beaches and lagoons. And just a few days ago, the Sugba Lagoon, one of the more famous lagoons in the island is closed for rehabilitation.

The Boracay six-month closure

When our dear President Rodrigo Duterte announced the closure of the Boracay island, many people tried to find an alternative. This is when the fame of Siargao even doubled. Why? Because even the closure, Siargao was among the top destinations because of what the movie had done.

In 2017, Siargao took part of the Annual Environmental Recovery and Rehabilitation program. This specific program aimed to improve and rehabilitate islands that have been overused because of the tourism.

The Sugba Lagoon in Siargao will be closed from the 10th of January until the 10th of February in preparation for the summer season that is about to come.

What is the Sugba Lagoon?

If you have friends who recently paid a visit to Siargao, chances are, you have already come across it. The Sugba Lagoon is under the municipality of Del Carmen. The specific lagoon is known for its serene waters which is surrounded by dumbfounding limestone cliffs.

Activities you can do in the Sugba Lagoon

Of course, if you are planning a visit to the lagoon, you will not be there just because of the view, right? You would also consider delving deep into the different activities you can do while you are in the Sugba Lagoon, right?

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There are different things you can do in the lagoon itself and the most common activities would be stand-up paddleboarding, snorkeling, kayaking, and, of course, swimming.

Why would the Sugba Lagoon be temporarily closed?

Due to the Annual Environmental Recovery and Rehabilitation program, they will be improving the sustainability of the island, overall. When it comes to this, we are not just talking about the aesthetics, it’s taken on an overall level which means that it includes its waste system, its sewage system, and the all-in-all condition of the island for the betterment of the island and the tourism in that as well.

Thrill-seekers can delve into the adrenaline-driving activities like diving and cliff-diving. Although it’s a dangerous activity, some people enjoy the fear and thrill that cliff-diving provides.

In addition to that, the Sugba Lagoon is also known to be one of the best stopovers for lunch because it has a pavilion of two levels where guests and tourists can order fresh seafood.

How much is a trip in the Sugba Lagoon?

Sugba Lagoon Closed for Rehabilitation
Image was taken from When In Manila |

A day tour in the lagoon costs around P1,500.00 per person. However, if you have techniques on how you can find good deals for day tour, be my guest.

The lagoon is not only a spectacular view, it’s also a good alternative if you are tired of visiting beaches and oceans. Think about doing activities in a lagoon where the water is serene and the surroundings are compacted.

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Legend says that before, the lagoon was covered in fog. This makes the appearance that the waters of the lagoon gives off smoke. More so, this is one of the main reasons why this natural wonder’s name or moniker came from the bisaya or Cebuano term of grill which is inihaw. 

If you were shocked and delayed by its rehabilitation, do not worry, you are not alone. Last 2018, the Sugba Lagoon was also closed for maintenance from the 5th of February to the 5th of March. They tried upgrading and enhancing the wonder’s sewage and water systems to properly accommodate the number of tourists visiting the destination.

How can I get to Siargao Island?

If you think that traveling to Siargao is just regular and easy, think again. Some people have the thinking that traveling to Siargao has limited accesses, however, there actually are different ways on how you can get to Siargao island and the easiest ways would be:

A direct flight to Siargao

Sayak Airport, the Siargao Airport only serves commercial flights. However, you can take SkyJet and Cebu Pacific as they have direct flights to Siargao Island from Manila. You can check their airports out for updates and fare discounts.

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The Sayak Airport is in Barangay Del Carmen, a good trip if you are visiting the Sugba Lagoon. Vans are parked outside the terminal to transport passengers going to General Luna and the rate is around P150.00 per person. On the other hand, there are tricycles for as low as P500.00 for four (4) persons.

Flight to Cebu, Cebu to Siargao

The alternative is to travel to Cebu City. Both Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines offer flights from Cebu City to Siargao.

From Surigao City to Siargao

If you will be traveling from Surigao City, you can have a tricycle to take you to the port where the RoRo Ferry (P210.00 per person) or trigger boats (P250.00 per person) can take you to the Dapa Port of the Siargao dock.

NOTE: There are also daily trips from Surigao to Dapa so you should not encounter any problems if you are traveling from Surigao to the Dapa port. 

From the Dapa Port, you can ride a tricycle which costs P250.00 per tricycle or you can take the habal-habal which costs P200 per motorbike to take you to General Luna.

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Siargao is one of the lowkey top destinations here in the country. Other than the Sugba Lagoon, there are other destinations there that might sweep you off of your feet.

With the rehabilitation of the Sugba Lagoon taking place, everyone does hope that it gets improved in terms of its utility and tourism. So that by the time more and more people learn about the beauty of Siargao, it will be seen by foreigners and travelers as a gem that the Philippines has in terms of tourism.

What do you think about the rehabilitation of the Sugba Lagoon? Would this be

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