TM ALLNET20: Unlimited Calls to All Networks!

Tired of spending a lot just to be able to make a call to other networks? No need to worry, because Touch Mobile (TM) introduced their newest promo. Yes, the TM ALLNET20 is a promotion that you can utilize if you want to have unlimited calls to all networks.

In this article, we will be giving you all of the details you need in order for you to be able to subscribe to this specific promo.

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What is the TM ALLNET20?

The TM ALLNET20 is one of Touch Mobile’s newest and most efficient promos. This promo allows users to be able to call unlimited even to other networks and have unlimited texts to Globe and TM subscribers. But wait, there’s more! This specific promo also allows the subscriber to have fifty (50) texts to all networks plus fifty (50) megabytes of data for two (2) days!

No need to worry about being charged a high fee because you are going to be in communication with another network provider, no need to worry about not being able to text them because the TM ALLNET20 got you!

TM ALLNET20 Promo details:

  • Unlimited calls to all networks (SMART Communications, Globe Telecom, Sun Cellular, Talk N’ Text, Touch Mobile, etc.)
  • Unlimited texts to Globe and TM subscribers
  • 50 texts to all networks
  • 50MB of data which can be useful for Facebook photos
  • Validity: The promo is valid for two (2) days
  • Load amount: You would need P20.00 of load to be able to subscribe.

How do I register to the TM ALLNET20 promo?

Registering is easy, all you have to do is to text AN20 and send it to 8080. (e.g Text AN20 and send to 8080). After doing so, you should receive a notification that registering to the TM ALLNET20 was a success.

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NOTE: Before you try calling friends and family from other networks, make sure that you receive the notification that you already have the promo. This is for you to avoid losing load or credits because sometimes, these promos can be delayed. Since this promo is new and not a lot of people are taking advantage of it yet, the confirmation message might be delayed so ensure that you receive it first.

I am a Globe Telecom subscriber, can I avail this promo too?

Unfortunately, only Touch Mobile (TM) subscribers can avail this promo. Even if TM is a subsidiary company of Globe Telecom, Globe did not release news that their users and subscribers can get it, too. To be sure, you can check the Globe Promo Menu or you can check their website at

In order for the TM ALLNET20 promo to work, you need a minimum maintaining amount of P1.00. So, you have to ensure that even after you receive the confirmation message, your account or your number still has remaining load or credits of at least P1.00.

Since this allows all TM users, the TM ALLNET20 unlimited calls to all networks and unlimited texts to Globe and TM is subject to the Fair Use Policy (FUP) to prevent network abuse and malfunctioning. Meaning, if the system is noticing that you are doing a lot of calling to other networks, well generally just a lot of calling, they might slow down your usage/consumption.

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How can I check the status of my ALLNET20?

To check the status of your ALLNET20 promo, you can text AN20 STATUS and send it to 8080. This message is for free so don’t worry about your maintaining credits or load to be consumed.

Can I stop this promo?

Of course! If you want to stop this promo, just text AN20 STOP and send it to 8080. By doing so, you are choosing to unsubscribe to the specific promo.

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Want to know other TM promos out there? Just navigate via the USSD code and dial *143#. Completely check all of the menus and categories for you to maximize your USSD menu use.

Alternatively, you can dial 808 to call the TM customer service hotline if you need help in some of the promos TM has.

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