Why Shouldn’t Motorists Hide Under an Overpass When it’s Raining?`

In the Metro, there are a lot of bridges and overpasses for the efficiency of traveling people. These are made to be alternatives and can be utilized by people to avoid different kinds of traffic. But I bet that you’ve seen motorists, especially riders, hiding under an overpass for shelter when it’s raining. If you think of it, it’s kind of wise but they really shouldn’t do it.

Motorcycle rides under an overpass
This photo was taken from TopGear Philippines from Aris Ilagan | topgear.com.ph

Especially now that the rainy season is about to begin in a few months, a lot of people who are new to driving motorcycles have this habit. They do and hide under an overpass in order for them to avoid getting wet or for them to set up and put on rain gear.

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Experts explained why this is too dangerous not just for the riders and their motorcycles, but also for other cars and vehicles traversing the roads.

Why do they hide under the overpass anyway?

They do this if it’s extremely hot or if it’s raining. If it’s hot, they tend to pass time for the heat to pass and for it to be less for them. When raining, on the other hand, they hide under an overpass to let the rain pass and for its intensity to decrease, or they do it so they can prepare their gear for raining.

What does hiding under an overpass do?

It’s not something to do with the people and other vehicles above the overpass; it’s something with the traffic going on the road. It stops the natural flow of traffic because drivers, especially those with wide-girth vehicles, because they might nudge the motorcycles.

In addition to that, given that while raining, there’s less visibility on the road, drivers might not be able to notice that there are parked motorcycles on the side of the road.

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So, motorcycle drivers or riders should take extra precautionary measures when it’s raining and when they’re on the road. They should ultimately get rid of their habits of stopping under an overpass or a bridge to take temporary shelter.

What things can riders do for them to reduce or get rid of their habit of parking under an overpass in the middle of a highway or a main road?

There actually are a number of ways on how riders can be safe from the rain without risking their and other people’s lives in danger.

Always make sure your headlights are on

With your headlights turned on, you not only see the road better, it also allows other drivers and vehicles to see your current location. This is good especially during nighttime and it’s raining. Well, technical reason why they’re referred to as foglights.

Preparation is the best

Motorists won’t panic and won’t have a difficult time if they’re prepared in the first place. So, before you leave from your location, prepare all the necessary things you need. In fact, you can put on your rain gear even if it’s not raining yet for you to no longer pull over to put your rain gear on.

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Always have the mindset that there are other drivers occupying the road

You don’t own the road—there are other people and drivers traveling with you. Discretion is the better part of valor; there are times that the rain can be as bad as the conditions which can be complicated even if you are highly-skilled in riding the motorcycle. So, always have the mindset of defensive driving for you and other people to be safe.

Use anti-fog solutions

As a motorcycle rider, you always need to ensure that you have a helmet whenever you ride. More so, if the climate is a bit off, ensure that your visor has good anti-fog coating so that you can see better and clearly.

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You can do it by spraying an anti-fog solution or coating on the lens of your helmet. Alternatively, you can achieve this by getting a pin-lock visor insert (this is what some helmets have as their main and standard feature).

Overall, the key in being safe even if it’s raining hard is by being extra cautious at what you’re doing. More so, if you need to prepare, don’t make a full stop in the middle of the road especially if there are a lot of cars on the road.


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