Isko Moreno Wants Politicians Names Off of School Buildings

Have you ever been in school buildings in Manila City? Were you able to witness what some school buildings had written on their walls? In case you’re wondering, some—if not all—have names of politicans written or embedded onto their walls. The reason seems to be because they want their names to be remembered.

Moreno wants names of politicians off of school buildings
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Newly-elected Manila Mayor Francisco “Isko Moreno” Domagoso said that he wants the names of all politicians in school buildings removed—including his to be off of buildings of schools as he referred to it as some form of them wanting to be remembered. To be remembered to the point of them earning that without spending anything for them.

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He said that he is ordering ALL schools in Manila to remove politicians’ names, when he had a meeting with the Manila School Board during a press briefing.

Pinatatanggal ko lahat ng pangalan, ultimo ang pangalan ko at pangalan ng mga pulitiko, na nakapintura o nakakabit sa mga eskwelahan.”

In Translation: I am ordering to remove ALL NAMES, even mine and other politicians that have been painted or attached to ALL schools in Manila.

He said that by doing this, politicians are immortalizing their names so that even after they pass, students and schools personnel and officials, and the parents of the students, will still remember that they were once an official of Manila or a politician.

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What his point was, the politicians do not have the right to do this because they did not spend money on those schools—unless they did.

Lahat ng mga naglalagay na pulitiko ng kanilang mga pangalan as if you are immortalizing yourself or as if it is your money, that is not your money. Pera yan ng taumbayan.”

In Translation: All politicians who put their names in schools are kind of immortalizing themselves as if it was their money used to put up the schools; to clarify, it’s not your money, it’s the citizens’ money (from taxes).

When does the order take effect?

What Moreno wants is to have this order effective as soon as possible. In addition to that, this will cover ALL primary and secondary schools in the capital.

What Moreno wants is to prevent politicization of schools so that they would not be used to this kind of system.

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For graduation greetings, however, Manila Mayor Isko Moreno said that he will be allowing this for as long as streamers will be outside the premises of the school in question.

As we can see, Mayor Moreno just looks to clean the politics in the country not just in Manila though he is just starting it in Manila. He is starting it by not allowing politicians to brainwash students and personnel who spend too much time in schools and the young people in schools.

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What do you think about Mayor Isko Moreno’s act of removing the names of politicians in schools? Is he doing this to really prevent some type of corruption or a system that would brainwash students and other school personnel? Or is this another act for himself?

Mayor Isko Moreno became famous for vehicular discipline; he would call out bus drivers and tricycles who are not following rules. He was just Manila Vice Mayor to former Manila Mayor Joseph “Erap” Estrada back then.

When he became Mayor, just recently, it has been widespread news that he cleaned the streets of the infamous Divisoria and made it safe for people to traverse the specific location.

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Every citizen living in Manila hopes that these acts done by the new Manila City Mayor is for the betterment of not just the city, but the whole country. All of the acts of cleaning and straightening the ways of Manila is just one of his initial steps in improving the city and the officials in it.

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