98% of nCoV Patients Recover and Get Better

With the recent outburst of the Novel Coronavirus (nCoV), thousands, if not millions of people became alarmed. They had fears of them acquiring the said disease which is frightening because it still is yet to have a cure.

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98% of patients recover and get better
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Many posts online revolve around this hot topic and it’s because of its unnatural timing. In a previous post, we explained some of the things that can help people, even those who regularly go out, avoid catching the said virus.

Regardless of whether or not the virus is in the country, the Department of Health (DOH) Undersecretary Eric Domingo mentioned that accurately 98% of nCoV patients will get better.

China, being the epicenter of this infamous mess and virus, already witnessed the death of about 560 people. It’s a lot, yes but that’s considering the number of people infected there; which is reported to be over 20,000 people and that number is growing. With different studies and observations, the DOH confidently stated that 98% of patients who are infected will recover.

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It’s not a death sentence

In addition to what Domingo said, he even explained that the nCoV is not a “death sentence.” Many people feared that should they become affected, death is already right at their doors; this is definitely not the case, as per Domingo.

The infectious disease doctors are willing to admit these patients and treat them because 98% of these patients will get better. It’s not a death sentence. Even if you are diagnosed to have it, 98% probability will recover completely.”

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Almost all patients recover and get better

Health experts from all across the globe suggest that the fatality rate of the infamous nCoV is only at two (2) percent; and that the remaining 98% recover and get better almost instantly.

Data from the Health Departments showed that the latest tests confirmed that there are 133 persons currently under watch for potential nCoV infection. We’re still awaiting confirmation but it’s better to just be safe.

Although they confirmed that not everyone should wear masks, Undersecretary Domingo emphasized that the elderly, those who are battling cancer, and those who have weak immune systems should wear a mask. This doesn’t only pertain to the acquisition of the nCoV virus but other diseases, too.

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Now if you have a weakened immune system, elderly and you’re battling cancer, wear a mask. It will protect you not only from nCoV but other diseases but you also have to wash your hands.”

Pinay domestic helper dies

A Filipina who was working in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), reported to have died just yesterday according to the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE).

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Silvestre Bello III, Labor Secretary, said that the Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) was the agency who reported the death. Based on the health and medical records, the patient was first tested negative for the coronavirus.

This sparked the debate on whether the patient suffered from the Novel Coronavirus Acute Respiratory Disease (nCoV ARD) or the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS CoV).

On the second time she was tested, that was the time that it was confirmed that the patient was indeed infected by the nCoV. However, the lack of evidence doesn’t point out the virus that killed the patient.

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Bello said that the report only stated that the person died because of a respiratory syndrome.

The medical report only stated coronavirus and the cause of death was acute respiratory distress syndrome.”

Nevertheless, our Health Department is strict in their announcement that 98% of the patients who were confirmed to have the nCoV will recover and get better. The low death toll compared to the number of fatalities is strong and is giving sufficient evidence that the nCoV is something that’s still workable unlike other diseases and serious conditions.

But let’s not compare; we lost a fellow countrywoman in the Middle East and we all feel sorry for that but could that be because of the MERS CoV instead of the nCoV 2019? Nevertheless, let us duly follow and abide by suggestions and recommendations from health and medical experts to help us avoid the static widespread of the nCoV in the country.

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Let’s wait for confirmation and news from authorities about the updates on the said disease and the count of the people who are infected.

Keep safe and stay clean! Always remember to strengthen your immune systems!

Source: The Philippine Star

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