Five Supplements that are Abundant here in the Philippines

The Philippines known to be one of the best countries in the world because of its scenery and natural resources. More so, our country is rich in fruits and vegetable, mainly, because of the land that we have; our soils are very rich in nutrients.

Plants easily adopt and grow with the nutrients that they get from our land. That is why according to experts, in 2019, the expected revenue that our country would get just from vitamins and mineral supplements would reach approximately $294 million; more than what we actually wished for.

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But what types of vegetables and fruits does our country offer? Are they really essential to the health of our countrymen? Would this really be hit to other countries especially those far from us?

If you are not aware, here are some fruit and vegetable that are locally abundant which are being used manufacture supplements and vitamins.

Soursop or Guyabano

Supplements in the PH that are abundant
Image was taken from Pixabay | | Soursop or Guyabano

Soursop is the fruit of Annona Muricata. Here in the Philippines, it’s more commonly known as Guyabano. This fruit’s origin is unknown but it is usually located and endemic to both Central America and Southeast Asia.

What nutrients does Guyabano have that makes it a healthy fruit?

The flesh of Guyabano is high in carbohydrates and is rich Vitamin C, B1, B2, potassium and dietary fiber as well. Health-wise, it is good for those who suffer from high blood sugar, tuberculosis, colon and breast cancer, as wells as though who have buildup of plaque in their arteries and have irregular heartbeats.

So, if you are having a dilemma on what you need to eat if you have high blood pressure, Guyabano might be the perfect option for you. In addition, it’s good for diabetic people because of the minerals from the flesh of the fruit.

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Ampalaya (Bitter Melon)

Image was taken from Pixabay | | Bitter Melon or Ampalaya

Ampalaya, if you have tasted it, is really not that edible. However, if it is cooked properly and mixed with pork, beef, or other delicious variants, it might become your favorite food.

But setting that aside, it is very rich in nutrients such as Vitamin B, iron, calcium and phosphorus. You know what they say about foods that are not delicious, right? Well, here it is!

What nutrients does Ampalaya bring?

Ampalaya is now also being endorsed as an alternative medicine in liver problems since it creates a compound called Momordica Charantia which helps protect and strengthen the liver. Research also showed that eating it helps in increasing the production of beta cells in the pancreas, which in turn improves the body’s capability to produce insulin that helps in regulating blood sugar making it good for those who suffer from diabetes.

It’s like hitting multiple birds with just one stone. Imagine, it does not only cleanse the liver, it also helps regulate blood sugar and blood pressure; what more can it give?

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Image was taken from Business Mirror PH | | Malunggay

Malunggay is not just your ordinary tropical plant. Why? Because this simple vegetable can be the answer to all of your malnutrition problems. Each and every part of a malunggay can be eaten or be used as ingredients for recipes in supplements.

What benefits does malunggay bring?

It is rich in Vitamins A, B2, B6, C, Iron and Magnesium. It is also a galactagogue that helps in boosting breast milk supply for mothers. So mothers, if you are having troubles with breastfeeding, don’t think twice in chugging malunggay because it does not only help you become healthy, it can also help both you and your baby by providing abundant breast milk that is essential to your child’s growth.

Compared to others, it has a total of seven (7) times more Vitamin C content than oranges. In addition to that, it contains four (4) times the calcium and two (2) times the protein of milk; lastly, four (4) times the vitamin A that carrots have and three (3) times the potassium that bananas have in them.

It’s actually dubbed as the mother of all nutritious content and consuming them might just be your next best move in becoming healthy.

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Image was taken from Pixabay | | Mangosteen

Really? Mangosteen is a fruit that is abundant in our country? Well, yes. Even if mangosteen is not the most popular fruit known by Filipinos, our country is rich in Mangosteen.

Mangosteen is also one fruit that is seen to be used in different supplements because of its nutritional value. Some names of the supplements are even derived from the fruit itself. It is rich in dietary fibers and Vitamin C as well.

What are the health benefits that mangosteen brings?

Health-wise, mangosteen can also be used to treat skin infection, wounds, cholera and diarrhea as well because of its antibacterial and antifungal properties. It can also serve as an antioxidant and booster of a weak immune system because of the high vitamin c content.

Mangosteen, given its properties, are very effective antioxidants as well as boosters of the immune system. Besides the high amounts of vitamin C in it, it can naturally treat wounds, rashes, and infections in the skin.


Image was taken from Pixabay | | Avocado

Similar to what were already listed above, avocado is delicious to be eaten on its own or be taken as supplements in forms of tablets being sold. More so, avocado is one of the fruits that is made as ice-candy. Also, it is often blended and turned into avocado shakes.

Health benefits of avocado?

An avocado has higher potassium content that a banana and is rich in monounsaturated fat, which in terms aids increase high density lipoprotein known as good cholesterol. So, if you want to gain weight and muscle while being healthy, chunking on avocado is probably your best bet.

In addition to that, avocados are also usually high in vitamin C, which, of course, is good for the immune system and in battling common illnesses, making you more protected and secure from these diseases.

There are still many fruits that we haven’t listed here, but these fruits and vegetables are abundant in the country. You could always check the content of what you’re eating online and see their nutritional value.

Always remember that health always comes first in priority and that we need to prevent any disease since prevention is always better than cure. It’s always better to go natural and to avoid chemicals and medications that could have side-effects we could avoid.

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