A Study That Showed 7 Out of 10 Filipino Teens Don’t Have a Dream

Dr. Jose Rizal once said, “Ang kabataan ang pag-asa ng bayan.” He meant that the children or the youth are the hope of our country. He said this because he believed that the Filipino children or youth will be able to carry out the mission they started – to free our country from the influences of other nations.

Teens no dreams
This image was taken from Newsbytes Philippines | newsbytes.ph | Filipino students playing computer games

However, do you think that Dr. Jose Rizal, our known national hero, will be proud of the youth we have now? When we were young, our parents always reminded us to be motivated and to dream big because it’s always going to be for us.

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Filipino youth today

A recent study done by The Dream Project PH, showed that in every Filipino socioeconomic class, a statistic of seven (7) out of ten (10) teenagers did not have a dream.

How did he do it? You may ask. Well, Prim Paypon, The Dream PH’s main founder, interviewed the Filipino youth for a total of seven (7) to nine (9) years. In total, Prim was able to interview a total of 614 Filipino teenagers, ranging in every class.

His surveys were across a total of fifty-four (54) countries out of the eighty-one (81) that we have. For the students, he had one simple and basic question: Do you have a dream in life?

An alarming seven (7) out of ten (10) students answered “NO” to his question and by just looking at this, he knew that there already was a problem.

In the study, the socioeconomic class of a certain Filipino teenager is not the actual reason why their answers were like that. As a matter of fact, it was because of discouragement, lack of opportunity, lack of self-esteem, and poverty which hinders the students from achieving what they want to achieve.

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In this case, Viviamo Inc., the company behind the famous Belle de Jour Power Planner, came up with some lists of inspiring women who talk about their dreams to be able to inspire the youth and the children to dream.

This is an actual problem because dreaming is one of the few things in life that makes people, people.

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  1. Why kids are like this you say? It is because there perception is impaired and focused to one goal, earning a living. They are not given the opportunity to learn and become what they want. But instead, they are pressured in cramming all the knowledge in school and the sadest part is they don’t want that knowledge. Why do you cram those knowledge inside your head if don’t want it? Besides, anyone can google it out. Gone those days that the student enjoys learning in school with excitement. Teachers by the way but not all them does not practice what they preaching so that is also a big factor why students are looking for other excitements like video games. Obviously there is something wrong with our educational system.


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