Backlogged License Plates, to be Given by the LTO in October

Here in the Philippines, the Land Transportation Office (LTO) is considered to be the front line of efficient and swift public service of the public land transportation sector. Many issues were raised regarding this fact including the delay on the license plate delivery since the 1st of July year 2016. If you haven’t received yours yet, don’t fret because as per the agency, the backlogged license plates shall be delivered until October of this year.

Backlogged license plates, resolved by IDeRobot
This image was taken from Eagle News PH | | The machine that would let the LTO cope with backlogged license plates and newer ones

Edgar Galvante, LTO Chief, said that they’ve already produced a total of 1,774,474 plates in pairs. The production was a combination of manual and automomated production which surely helped in the efficiency of it.

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Who can get their license plates now?

Since these are backlogs, the LTO is prioritizing the production of those who applied back in 2016 who still weren’t able to get their plates. As per them, owners who applied for a 4-wheel vehicle license plate from the 1st of July 2016 until April 2019 can now get their respective license plates.

Where can these owners get their license plates?
Through systematized programs, the LTO was able to come up with a program that would allow registered applicants to check their plates online. Yes, there’s an online utility tool in checking an applicant’s license plate.

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You can visit their website at and there, applicants have the chance to check the availability of their license plates. Moreover, they’ll be able to see where they can pick these up.

The National Capital Region (NCR), Region III, and Region IV-A, were the regions in the Philippines who were covered until September of 2019. Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao, however, the license plates are all ready until December of year 2019.

LTO is looking to for the completion of these license plates and all other applications pending within the coming months of this year to finally complete and deliver all of the license plates that were backlogged.

How is the LTO coping with the backlogs?

The problem they had was with the demand of the license plates. Before, the machines they had were not able to fill in the needed number of plates but now, they were able to find ways on how they can cope with all of the plates that were supposed to be given back in 2017.
Galvante also said that they will boost the production of the growing demand for these license plates by purchasing another machine for plate-making. Doing this will eventually resolve the disputes of late and backlogged license plates.

The machine they’re looking to buy would also be good for the license plates of motorcycles so it would be a win-win situation for them, in this regard.

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What is the machine?

It is called the IDeROBOT, it is a machine that makes license plates for both motorcyles and 4- wheeled vehicles. It’s as astounding as any agency could take because it can produce a total of 700 plates per hour.

That figure translates to a total of 5,600 plates in an 8-hour production time, and 28,000 plates in a work week. With this new purchase, the LTO can secure the delivery of the backlogged license plates in less than six (6) months! Of course, that will still depend on how many the backlogged license plates are and on the newer requests happening this year but the priority would be to answer existing disputes in the license plates backlogs.

Meanwhile, the Land Transportation Office (LTO) is still in the process of waiting for the finalization of the implementation of the regulations and the rules (IRRs) for the newer designs of the new license plates which will be utilized by motorcycles here in the Philippines.

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So, are you one of the people who have pending backlogged license plates from the LTO? Don’t worry anymore because they’ve already resolved the issue and they’re looking to produce more! So, make sure to check and see if yours is already available for you not to exhaust time and effort!

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