About 44% of Filipinos Consider Themselves Very Happy With Their Lives

The Social Weather Stations (SWS), a non-stock, private, and nonprofit social research institution that was founded in August 1985, made a survey about Filipinos’ happiness with their lives. Their research suggested that about 44% of Filipinos consider themselves very happy with their lives.

Nearly Half of the country's population is very happy
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To add to that, the SWS made a point that there is an increase by a total of five (5) points in the percentage of Filipinos who feel that they are very happy with life. This is in comparison to the 39% three (3) months back.

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What was the question answered by those who partook in the survey?

The SWS had the question that was answered by the participants. The question was: If you were to consider your life, in general, these days, how happy or unhappy would you say you are on the whole?

In the survey, there were 44% who said that they are very happy, 49% who said that they were fairly happy, 7% who said that they are not very happy, and 1 percent who said that they were not at all happy. 

The firm said that the increase actually touches most parts of the country; they saw a 14-point increase in Metro Manila, 12 in the Visayas region, seven (7) in Mindanao, while a one (1) point decrease in the region of Luzon.

The SWS made mentions about which region had the most very happy, the points of the region that was happy, and so on.

The proportion of ‘very happy’ was highest in Mindanao at 58 percent (up from 51 percent in December 2018), followed by the Visayas at 57 percent (up from 45 percent), Metro Manila at 43 percent (up from 29 percent), and Balance Luzon at 32 percent (down from 33 percent).”


Not just that, the SWS also said that the very happy points last March 2019 in the education industry were higher as compared to the December 2018 data, according to their comparison.


It is also worth noting that the very happy status was especially high among people who are Muslims, having 66 percent compared to their 38 percent points back in December of 2018.

The Christians, however, follows at a denomination of 50 percent, the Catholics at 42 percent, and the Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC) members at 39 percent. So, it can be safe to say that the levels of happiness cannot be measured by religion.

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The poll of the SWS transpired from the 28th of March 2019 until the 31st. They did personal interviews of a total of 1,440 adults who are eighteen (18) years old and above in the whole country.

It had a distribution of 360 each in the regions of Metro Manila, Balance Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

How about you? Do you consider yourself to be very happy? Try answering the question for yourself and see in which category you fall in.

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