E-Cigarettes and Vapes Change Blood Vessels After One Use, as per Study

Many smokers resort to using e-cigarettes and/or “vapes” because they tend to be lighter compared to cigarettes. Many people believe that e-cigarettes are the key to quitting smoking—however, it might just be worse.

Vaping can cause or change blood vessels
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The latest studies show that recent changes in the cardiovascular function are seen after utilizing or vaping e-liquids. In this case, however, these liquids does not contain nicotine; what it does is that even after one use, it was reported to change blood vessels.

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Last Tuesday, in a study published by the Radiology journal, said that vaping impacts the function of blood vessels in healthy people; it modifies the blood flow in the femoral artery in the leg after just one (1) use. 

What happens to the blood vessels?

Felix W. Wehril, author of the study and a professor of Radiologic Science and Biophysics at the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine, said that an example of changes in the blood vessel would be modification in the blood flow in the artery of the leg after using it once.

After a few minutes, everything normalizes. One could say, big deal, nothing happens.”

In addition to that, he says that if someone vapes on a regular basis, there might be a possibility that things might not go back to normal as fast as using it once.

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But if someone vapes regularly, there’s a possibility that, over time, things might not go back to normal as readily. The changes his team measured in 31 people, who had never vaped or smoked, reflect the same processes … known to be initiating steps in the development of cardiovascular disease.”

Are these final results on blood vessels?

According to multiple studies, this study is considered to be the most recent addition to the proliferation of research that looks to measure the effect of e-cigarettes on the blood vessels, heart, brain, and lungs of the person; particularly, that it does change blood vessels, hearts, and brains of the person.

However, experts say that this specific research remains its early stages take place in animals or labs.

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For instance, back in May, researchers have found evidence revolving the topic of e-cigarettes. The discovery was that e-cigarette flavors had different toxic effects which included worse and poorer cell survival and signs of a sudden hike in inflammation.

Doctors and researchers from the University of Massachusetts Medical School said that the use of e-cigarettes is substantially increasing. Since it’s a new and young study, we can’t still be too sure that it can really impose a positive impact to our health.

The use of e-cigarettes is increasing and the data demonstrating potential harm … is also growing. In addition to harm from the nicotine, the additives are a potential source of adverse vascular health and one that is being disproportionately placed on the young.”

Is this healthier than smoking cigarettes?

Experts have long suspected that versus smoking cigarettes, vaping or using e-cigarettes impose fewer and lesser health risks. However, different doctors who have knowledge about this said that only little things are known about the potential toxicology of flavorings, heavy metals, particles, and other components of using vapes and/or e-cigarettes.

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Founder of Stanford Research into the Impact of Tobacco Advertising, Dr. Robert Jackler, said that nobody still knows what e-cigarettes and vapes could do to the human lungs. So, whatever rumors we hear about having watered lungs and the like, it’s not yet final.

Nobody knows what it does to the human lung to breathe in and out aerosolized propylene glycol and glycerin over and over. It’s an experiment, frankly.”

When will we find out the benefits or the effects of using e-cigarettes and vaping?

As per experts, researchers, and doctors, the results of using e-cigarettes and vapes will be found out after a few years from now. Jackler said that there are certain chemicals used by the flavor industry that might be safe and unsafe when absorbed by the intestine.

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There’s no doubt in my mind that vaping is safer than conventional smoking, but that doesn’t mean that it’s safe.”

Are you a former smoker? Do you use e-cigarettes and vapes? Were you aware of the impacts it had to your blood vessels; that it change blood vessels? Well, now that you know what impacts it had, and although no results are final yet, one thing is for certain—it might have fewer or more health impacts than smoking cigarettes.

Source: CNN Philippines

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