LIST: Android Antivirus Apps that Contains Malware and Other Unwanted Software

We are all smartphone users. In fact, many people consider smartphones to be extensions of our bodies. This is why developers thought of a way on how smartphone users can feel more secure – by developing antivirus solutions.

Smartphone users, especially Android users, have been warned that some applications impose different kinds of threat especially if they’re not from the Google Play Store.

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But what would you feel if you find out that some Android antivirus apps contained threats? What if we tell you that in downloading these apps to make your smartphone experience more secure, you’re opening up a whole new risk of software infection?

Can these Android antivirus apps solutions be trusted?

VPNPro, a Security and Privacy research firm found out that about ten (10) Android antivirus apps are loaded with dangerous software. In fact, these apps were found on the Google Play Store.

So what’s meant to keep us safe, is actually hurting us more. These apps, according to VPNPro, are apps that are meant to drive away malware, adware, and spyware. When in fact, they’re actually the ones causing it.

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How many people downloaded these apps?

Based on the research and survey done by VPNPro, these apps racked-up a total of 1.9 billion downloads globally. Meaning, almost 2 billion people have their information at risk!

These apps, namely: Security Master, Antivirus, Virus Cleaner, and Clean Master ask for permissions that they don’t really need. They’re asking for dangerous permissions such as:

  • Where you are at all times
  • To be able to use your camera at all times
  • To be able to use your phone without your knowledge

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It’s pretty creepy and dangerous if you think about it. Little did we know that these apps might carry spyware to spy on whatever activity you’re doing whenever you have your smartphone. It’s kind of like having software to check on all of your activities wherever you are when you say yes to it.

What’s the danger of using these apps?

“Danger” is quite an understatement. If you’re worried about being watched, then you better remove these apps. They might be trying to spy on you or lure you into some kind of attack, so beware.

Other than the fact that they’re asking for permission to “spy” on you, they can be loaded with malware and adware. These things are what make up the destruction of your privacy and your system.

Some users, if not all, just say YES or CONFIRM these prompts without fully comprehending what it means. That said, these apps will secretly record audio, make phone calls, even record locations.

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What are these apps?

As per VPNPro, these Android antivirus apps have over millions of downloads and installs. This figure endangers the people who downloaded it. So, for you to be safe, here are the applications that VPNPro announced to be dangerous:

  1. Security Master – Antivirus, VPN, AppLock, Booster; has over 500 million downloads
  2. Clean Master – Antivirus, Applock & Cleaner; has over 1 billion downloads
  3. Antivirus Free 2019 – Scan & Remove Virus, Cleaner; has over 10 downloads
  4. Super Security – Antivirus, Booster & AppLock; has over 10 million downloads
  5. 360 Security – Free Antivirus, Booster, Cleaner; has over 100 million downloads
  6. Super Phone Cleaner: Virus Cleaner, Phone Cleaner; has over 50 million downloads
  7. 360 Security Lite – Booster, Cleaner, AppLock; has over 50 million downloads
  8. Antivirus Free 2019 – Virus Cleaner; has over 1 million downloads
  9. Super Cleaner – Antivirus, Booster, Phone Cleaner; has over 100 million downloads
  10. Antivirus & Virus Cleaner; has over 10 million downloads
  11. Virus Cleaner, Antivirus, Cleaner (MAX Security); has over 50 million downloads
  12. Virus Cleaner 2019 – Antivirus, Cleaner & Booster; has over 50 million downloads
  13. Antivirus Free – Virus Cleaner; has over 50 million downloads
  14. Antivirus Android; has over 1 million downloads
  15. Antivirus Mobile – Cleaner, Phone Virus Scanner

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Do any of these Android antivirus apps ring a bell? Well, if you’re familiar with any of these, be sure to remove them off of your device. Do it to minimize the risk of privacy invasion.

To add to that, out of the fifteen (15) apps on the list, six (6) of them are from China. Not to be discriminating but China doesn’t have strict data and privacy laws. Compared to other countries like Canada and the United States, China’s data laws are lenient.

So, don’t wait for your data to be at risk. Malware, spyware, and adware are things we never want in our systems. It’s always important to remember that your data is gold and that it should never be publicized. It needs to be defended with utmost protection so uninstall those Android antivirus apps now and be free from privacy risks!


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