Here Are Helpful Tips to Be Safe From the “Basag Kotse” Modus

“It’s more fun in the Philippines!” as what most people say. But behind the luscious landscapes and plantation, a lot of crimes and violent acts happen behind the scenes.

In fact, a newly discovered modus operandi was figured out by the Quezon City Police District (QCPD) against criminals who engage in breaking a car’s window to steal whatever’s in the car.

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Basag Kotse” Modus

Be Safe From the Basag Kotse Modus
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From its term, the basag kotse modus is the act where criminals will break into other people’s cars to steal whatever’s of value. An incident happened where a congressman or a congresswoman fell victim to this basag kotse modus where the criminal was able to juice out tens of thousands worth of pesos from the owner.

Based on the data presented by the QCPD, a total of 72 incidents of the basag kotse modus has been recorded in Quezon City alone back in 2019; and the incident that was reported now did not mentioned whether it’s the first of the year.

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As per Police Captain Haina Asalan, QCPD Public Information Office Chief, goons and criminals choose their preys. In fact, they don’t strike all the time; they wait for the perfect moment before they strike.

In fact, the Capt. added these criminals only strike when it’s nighttime when everyone is fast asleep. However, sometimes, they take the chance and do their dirty work during the morning so it’s not “obvious.”

How can I be safe from the Basag Kotse Modus?

The QCPD laid out some plans and techniques to people on how they can be safe from the said modus operandi. The tips they gave were general tips of keeping safe, parking on a safe location, and having an alarm on your car.

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Those tips are somewhat outdated; as what most people say, those are general suggestions on how every car owner can be safe. So, here are some of the best tips we have gathered from the police, experts, and from the people who experienced it.

Always think ahead

Criminals who do these basag kotse modus would think a step forward more than you. Before deciding where you’ll be parking for the night, make sure that you know what to do in case an event like this happens.

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For instance, parking your car where there are lights and active people are key. Never leave your car somewhere where you won’t be able to act upon it in case something happens.

TIP: Park your car near a barangay hall or somewhere where barangay tanods are present. Their presence alone will actually be able to help.

Avoid leaving valuable things inside your car

Say you become a victim of this modus operandi, there won’t be any other way to reverse this. The only next best thing to worry about is what you lost inside your car.

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Refrain from leaving valuable and expensive things inside your car; this can be a simple and generic suggestion but it actually goes a long way.

Study the surroundings

Nothing beats being proactive; leaving your car where your guts tell you not to will most of the time end up being a regret for you. Going back to the first tip, before you actually “park your car,” make sure that you are confident with the surroundings.

Don’t bring a car if you’re unsure where you’ll park

Most people disregard this but if you’re not sure where you’ll be parking, it’s best to just leave your car at home where you have a garage; where it’s safe from any kind of problem.

Take the public transport, it can be exciting every once in a while, anyways.

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When you have doubts on where you can safely park your car to leave it for a few hours, bite your gut and just follow it. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

The incident from which all this came from, was actually the vehicle of ACT-CIS Representative Niña Taduran. She apparently parked her car along a road in Quezon City and from there, about P240,000 worth of things and properties were stolen. No CCTVs were active in the location and unfortunately, they won’t be able to trace it.

It’s a lesson for everyone but in fact, this basag kotse modus is not new; it’s just being revived. It won’t hurt to be more careful, right? So follow the tips we gave and be safe from all of your encounters!

Source: ABS-CBN News (TV Patrol)

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