16 Bus Stops on EDSA When GCQ is Implemented

As per our recent article, one (1) bus route was allowed upon the easing of the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) in the Metro. This does not only discourage people to be out on the road, it can also be one of the ways on how our country can optimize and improve our public transportation.

16 Bus Stops on EDSA
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The Department of Transportation (DOTr), last Wednesday, announced that they were able to identify 16 bus stops on EDSA. These bus stops are what commuters can use for them to either be picked up or dropped off when the bus service resumes in Metro Manila.

When will this be effective?

As per the agency, the 16 bus stops that they identified will be effective when the GCQ is implemented in the said region. It’s not a bad start especially when we consider the fact that we’re expecting thousands, if not millions of people to be on the roads when they resume work.

Alberto Suansing, DOTr Assistant Secretary said that the buses would strictly be ordered to pick up and drop off passengers. Moreover, he said that these stops would be located at the Metro Rail Transit 3 (MRT-3) stations.

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In his statement, he continued to say that they have identified several bus stops easily because these are the terminals of the MRT-3. Moreover, he said that the selection is done in order for them to control the flow of passengers; as well as to mitigate problems if there would be some that would spring out.

Nag-identify tayo ng bus stops kasi ang gagamitin nating bus stop yung terminal ng MRT (Metro Rail Transit). Para icontrol natin ang pasahero, nagtalaga tayo ng bus stops. Ang inidentify natin 16 na bus stop along the way. From Monumento hanggang Mall of Asia.”

In Translation: We identified that the MRT terminals are going to be the bus stops because it’s easier and more efficient. In addition to that, the 16 bus stops on EDSA was formed and formulated in order to control the flow of passengers; and it will run from Monumento to the Mall of Asia.

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Not a form of encouragement

As several companies starting to open its doors to its employees once again, the Philippine government continues to grow worried about the situation of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) in the country.

The identification of the 16 bus stops on EDSA is, in no way, a form of encouragement to the people. Part of the main reasons why they’re opening it is in order for the people to ride conveniently and safely going to their destinations.

As a matter of fact, the DOTr only allowed public utility vehicles (PUVs) to ferry passengers up to 50 percent of their total capacity. This is, of course, to ensure that:

  • Physical distancing will be observed even inside PUVs
  • No close contact of people will transpire
  • All passenger who would be riding would be free from any type of worry

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Status of public transportation

As of the lifting of the ECQ in some provinces, cities, and municipalities in the country, the public transportation in the Metro is still prohibited. Because of the fact that it is still under a modified enhanced community quarantine (MECQ), there are still limitations into it.

Nevertheless, the slow opening of roads and public transportation vehicles may be a sign that our country is slowly recovering from the depths of the infamous COVID-19. But are we really putting up a fight against it?

As of writing, we ranked 43rd among the highest number of confirmed cases with just about 13,221 confirmed cases. The good news about it is the fact that our recoveries are soaring — it’s almost at 3,000.

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The worst in Southeast Asia?

The misconception that most Filipinos have is the fact that our country ranks the worst in the cases in the entire region of Southeast Asia (SEA). However, that is not entirely the case.  Singapore, which many initially thought to be a country excellent for eradicating the virus, ranks 27th in the number of cases with a total of 29,364 cases.

In all technicality, our country is competent in terms of the number of confirmed cases. However, in terms of the cure or the vaccine, the whole world is waiting and anticipating it.

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For now, let us focus on the recent announcement made by the DOTr about the 16 bus stops on EDSA that would be opened when the GCQ is implemented. This basically means that the transportation system in the country will slowly revert to normal.

Hopefully, this’ll spark the start of our country’s recovery in the said issue.

Source: The Philippine Daily Inquirer

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