DILG Advises to Attach a Sidecar to Motorcycles Instead of Back-Riding

After weeks of discussion, the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) finally came to the decision of still not allowing back-riding on motorcycles. DILG Secretary Eduardo Año said that instead of back-riding, what people can do is to install or put a sidecar on motorcycles.

Attach a sidecar to motorcycles, DILG
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This way, people would be able to travel by 2’s while maintaining social distancing. According to Año, putting a sidecar on motorcycles will be a great deal of relief for what the people are experiencing; people would be able to bring people from their families with them.

Lagyan na lang ng sidecar ang motor puwede na niya isama ang kaniyang misis, ganun nalang po solution habang andiyan pa ang virus.”

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In Translation: Just attach a sidecar to motorcycles so that you can bring your wife (or any other people within your household); that would be the solution we’ll have while the virus is still here.

Placing of routes

In addition to that, Año said that they also are in the works of putting up and placing routes for bicycle and tricycle lanes for the people that need them. As per him, the entire Department is contemplating on the idea of constructing and putting up specific routes.

Konting pasensya lang. Pano natin masosolve itong angkas dahil nga mag-asawa sila, onti-onti tayong gagawa ng bicycle lane, tricycle lane.”

In Translation: All we’re asking for is a little patience — how are we going to solve the problem of back-riding couples? We’ll, we will put up specific lanes; we’ll put up bicycle lanes, tricycle lanes, and the like.

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The reason behind this is the fact that say for example, when one couple is free or is negative from the virus. They go to work, both of them and they ride the same motorcycle; let’s say that the husband catches the virus, he’ll automatically share and spread the virus when he fetches his wife from the workplace — and when they come home, the people back there might be in the same risk.

Año said that while the virus is still existent, we can’t risk and we certainly could not take any chances.

Habang meron pa pong virus, di tayo puwedeng pagsugal diyan.”

In Translation: While we still have the virus, we can’t take any risks, any chances.

Understanding the situation

The whole of the DILG, together with Secretary Año, is pleading for the understanding and the cooperation of the public. This temporary inconvenience is something none of us want; however, if we are to fight and beat the virus, we need to cooperate.

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Their plan to allow the attachment of a sidecar to motorcycles is one of the solutions seen by many people as the best and the most sensible. With this and the fact of putting up separate bicycle and tricycle lanes, we can lessen the inconvenience.

Moreover, they said that regular bicycles would need to be in somewhat a “free-flowing” type of scheme to avoid accidents and apprehensions on the road.

Everything for the public

To further lessen the inconvenience, Año said that the following adjustments are tailored to suit the needs of the commuting public. The priority is for the general public to have an easy and a better time while traveling.

The Secretary said that they’re taking things slowly but surely; all they want is to prepare everything for the Filipino people to the point that it’s ready. He explains that we will get where we need to be safer, more secure, and a lot more effective.

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Sabi nga nila, hinay hinay, unti unti, makakarating din tayo sa pupuntahan natin.”

In Translation: Just like what they say, slowly but surely, gradually; we will be able to reach our goal.

Año and is his entire Department is asking for the dispensation of the public, especially those who need to go to work. He is assuring everyone that within the week or the next, everything will be ready and safer.

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There’ll be nothing that people need to ask for; everything will be made better and easier for the general public. From the lanes to the workarounds, the government has a plan.

If you’re part of the demographic that needs to read and hear this, the DILG is leaning towards the option of allowing the attachment of a sidecar to motorcycles; what do you think about this? Can this be the solution that we’re looking for?

Source/s: ABS-CBN News | Manila Bulletin News

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