PLDT New Fibr Plans For Work From Home and Online Schools

New fibr plans have been released and are being offered by PLDT. The new fibr plans, allegedly reach speeds as high as 300 Mbps.

New Fibr Plans of the PLDT
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PLDT’s Fibr Plus service includes 3 TP-Link WiFi Mesh systems as well as a Live TV from Cignal along with 55 SD and 8 HD channels.

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In case you’re interested in getting and in signing up for these new Fibr plans they are as follows:

  • PLDT Fibr Plus 2499 – up to 50 Mbps;
  • Fibr Plus 3099 – up to 100 Mbps;
  • Fibr Plus 4099 – up to 150 Mbps; and
  • PLDT Fibr Plus 6099 – up to 300 Mbps

The TP-Link WiFi Mesh devices will not only reduce WiFi dead spots; it will also feature remote WiFi monitoring via mobile app, Guest WiFi set up, and several Parental Controls.

Users may also choose the channels they wish to view along with a various options from the wide array of channels such as:

  • Movie channels;
  • Pinoy or Filipino Channels;
  • Sports Channels;
  • Kids Channels;
  • International News Channels;
  • Educational Channels;
  • Lifestyle Channels;
  • Music Channels; and
  • Many more

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PLDT has likewise made revisions upon several of its UNLIFIBR plans such as the changes below:

  • The UNLIFIBR Plan 1699 has been upgraded to reach speeds up to 25 Mbps, from 20 Mbps.
  • UNLIFIBR Plan 1899, which provides users with up to 30 Mbps speeds, has been improved with a new UNLIFIBR Plan 2399 with speeds reaching up to 50 Mbps.
  • The UNLIFIBR Plan 2899 has been improved with the UNLIFIBR Plan 2999, which offers the same speed of up to 100 Mbps.

New Package of Business-Grade Internet and Digital Solutions

Moreover, BEYOND FIBER is the new service package that the company is offering. This package carefully provides a set of curated digital tools like productivity and collaboration tools, as well as e-payments and e-commerce solutions.

These services come along with enterprise-grade WiFi operating on premium fiber services, giving small and mid-size enterprises (SMEs) a chance to fearlessly pave the way to digital transitioning towards long-term growth.

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ePLDT President & CEO and SVP Head for PLDT and Smart Enterprise Business Groups., Jovy Hernandez, said that due to the COVID health crisis, the digital economy has likewise risen, furthering the call for digital solutions.

He put emphasis on the fact that the digital world has risen – it became more demanding. Therefore, they thought of a way on how they would be able to help Filipinos reach their digital needs and aspirations.

Digitalization has now become critical for businesses that want to survive and thrive under the challenging conditions created by the COVID pandemic. We specifically designed BEYOND FIBER to equip businesses with digital solutions tailor-fit to the growing needs of today’s enterprises.”

For only P2,500 a month, BEYOND FIBER, an enterprise-grade connectivity operating on a premium WiFi device and fiber connection, is at reach of SMEs and large enterprises alike.

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Raising the Standard

And if you are thinking that BEYOND FIBER is just one of the many programs we know, think again.

BEYOND FIBER further raises the standard by offering a more stable business-grade fiber link with speeds reaching up to 50 Mbps; making use of PLDT’s extensive fiber-optic network with over 322,000 kilometers of fiber cables and growing; to better equip the day-to-day business for an office, a branch or for people working from home.

In addition to that, BEYOND FIBER also comes with a secure, enterprise-grade wi-fi router. Stores for example may opt to have dual wi-fi networks: one for work, and one for guests.

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For businesses operating on telecommute or work-from-home arrangements, the WiFi service may impose network policies to help with their company processes.

PLDT and Cisco Meraki Partnership

This became possible thanks to PLDT’s partnership with Cisco Meraki – a leader in cloud-managed IT with unmatched visibility and control.

PLDT, furthermore, is also offering a range of solutions tailored towards the current and future digital needs of enterprises such as the productivity tools available through Microsoft 365’s suite of work solutions, collaboration tools via MS Teams, appointments scheduling via Microsoft (MS) Bookings.

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It’s safe to say that they are really on the move to help all Filipino workers; it’s their way of contributing to the needs of the nation.

What do you think of the new fibr plans released by PLDT? Will this help business enterprises as well as work from home people to cope with the rise of the digital economy? Moreover, can this be a solution to the problem of many Filipino workers?

In case you’ve been itching to upgrade or to increase the speed of your internet connection – you can do so now! With the new PLDT Fibr plans, you can get speeds you never imagined you’d get!

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