Safe Folder Feature to Lock Files, Launched by Google

Nowadays, the security and the confidentiality of information are of the utmost importance. There’s nothing heavier, more weighted – more important than keeping your information safe.

Safe Folder Functionality, Released by Google
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Because of this, Google launched their newest feature; the safe folder feature to lock files to help people and smartphone users to keep their data more secured and more protected.

The feature saw its launch on the 5th of August, and it is known to allow and enable smartphone users to help keep their data, their information – all their sensitive information more secured.

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Safe Folder

It’s not just any type of safe and secured folder; it’s more than just a facility that can “hide” your files. It’s a special function that is available through the File Apps of Google.

It can be accessed via a 4-digit pin and it cannot be accessed without it.

What You Can Do With the Safe Folder

So what things can you do with the Safe Folder? How would you be able to utilize it effectively and efficiently? As per reports, the Safe Folder is a facility that can be used for:

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  • Storing important and sensitive documents
  • Keeping private images and videos
  • Securing highly sensitive audio information
  • And a lot more

If you care about security, then you should never disregard using Google’s Safe Folder facility. It’s the best and the latest tool that you can use to maximize and to make sure that your information is safe.

Another to note is the fact that if a user is inside the Safe Folder facility; they wouldn’t be able to take screenshots and screen recordings. Everything there will be like in “incognito mode” where it’ll not be allowed for them to track and to record whatever file or information inside it.

Furthermore, the folder is also automatically locked when a user decides to switch to another app. No information shall be retained.

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Structured Delivery

As per Google, this feature will be rolled out to more than 2 million users over the next few weeks. There’ll be some time given for them to know about it first.

This feature will be initially available to more than 2 million users with the rollout gradually expanding to all of Files’ users over the next few weeks.”

How the Safe Folder Works

Is it a particular operating system? A function? Or just an application or a program? Based on the leaked information about it from AndroidPolice warns, it is a special app that can be accessed by Android users.

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When a user decides to transfer files into the Safe Folder, it will automatically disappear from other file browsers, storages, etc. For instance, if you decide to transfer one of your photos to the Safe Folder, it will be deleted from your generic photo or image gallery.

When you think deleting is not enough – or when you deem that you still want the feature, what you can do is to transfer them from your regular files explorer to the Safe Folder.

They’ll be kept safe, free from any kinds and types of harm and damage, and you’ll be able to access them.

PIN-Encrypted Security

Akin to how many other safe and secure folders out there, it’s encrypted and before a user would have access – they would need some type of PIN to get inside it.

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Forgetting your PIN can make you not just lose access to the Safe Folder, but also the files that have been kept inside, too.

At almost the same time last year, Microsoft included a secure folder to their OneDrive which was dubbed as the Personal Vault. It also has PIN protection; and all files can see security only if it’s activated via a biometric protection like a fingerprint or a face scanner; plus a Two (2) Factor Authentication Code.

Do You Need the Safe Folder App?

In the event that you need to stash sensitive or confidential data or information, it’s better to be sure. You wouldn’t be able to find any other function or facility like what the Secure or the Safe Folder offers.

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With Googles newest function, you will never have a problem in terms of keeping sensitive data and information. Access them anytime, anywhere; furthermore, be comfortable and confident with how you will use it.

Protect your files, folders, and your other information in the simplest ways you can. Utilize Google’s Secure or Safe Folder app to help you with it!

Source/s: The Verge | Rappler

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