Over 300,000 Jobs in Japan is Going to be Offered; Filipinos are Their Priority

In a lot of previous articles stemming from the previous years, it’s one thing to note that foreign countries look at our country as a place where tons of workers are actually “worth it.” What I mean by that is that a lot of our neighboring countries, even countries far from us, prefer hiring Filipino […]

More than 1,000 jobs for PWDs, offered by DOLE

Some people think that being disabled already disqualifies you of being able to work appropriately. Although it’s difficult and kind of harsh to think of it that way, disabilities are difficult to be used to and is kind of hard to overcome. However, we shouldn’t think of disabled people like this because disabilities shouldn’t kill […]

Saudi Arabia Jobs that OFWs Can No Longer Apply For

The Middle East is one of the few countries that OFWs work in. Other than the Middle East is a high-paying region, it’s closer to home so it’s already off of the list if they’re planning to go home if budget is what they’re thinking of. The last 11th of September, twelve (12) different jobs […]

Mandatory Training for Household Workers to be Shouldered by Recruitment Agencies

The heat of the Philippines – Kuwait issue has already calmed as the ban was already lifted for sending household workers to Kuwait. It means that the number of people who would like to work there would again surge. But according to Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), they are going to be more strict […]

80, 000 Jobs Available In Labor Day – DOLE

This year, more than 800 employers will participate in job fairs this 1st of May (Labor Day). That being said, Filipinos need to expect a lot of chances both here in the Philippines and abroad. Now this will be fun and exciting as tons of employers will be opening and finding workers and employees across […]