Dysmenorrhea Leave, Possible as per DOLE

Women have these nuisance every month. Although sometimes, the visit of Aunt Flo is mild, there are times that it hits women hard. Following this fact, the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) said that female workers can soon have the benefit to have a dysmenorrhea leave. Let us learn more about what this type of benefit is to women.

Dysmenorrhea Leave
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What is dysmenorrhea?

For men who are not aware what dysmenorrhea is, dysmenorrhea or also known as menstrual cramps, is the pain that a woman feels when she is menstruating.

Dysmenorrhea is usually caused by the contractions of the uterus and is mainly the factor why this occurs.

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Silvestre Bello III, Department of Labor Secretary, said that female workers could soon get the benefit of the dysmenorrhea leave should they need it.

Should this be implemented to all companies?

DOLE made it clear that there is not standing law that allows such female workers to be on leave because of menstrual cramping or dysmenorrhea, the agreement could be between the employer and its employees.

He said this during an interview in DZMM radio.

Pwede ng ano, through the collective bargaining agreement (CBA).”

In Translation: It can now be through the collective bargaining agreement (CBA).

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Bello, therefore, understands that menstrual cramps can actually be a hindrance to how a specific female worker performs during work.

So, he and the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) really understands the situation females are in. Because of the fact that women feel the pain usually on the lower abdomen area, it will not make them feel comfortable in any way possible.

This can meddle with their work, this can actually distract them from the things they need to accomplish.

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What do you think about the Dysmenorrhea leave? Is this new law going to be efficient and effective to the benefit of female workers? Or would the Dysmenorrhea leave be another factor in determining equity rights proposed by the society?

10 thoughts on “Dysmenorrhea Leave, Possible as per DOLE”

  1. Please push this to become a law, right now am suffering from it, actually every month. It hinders me to teach my students considering that we are prone to stand while teaching.
    Muscle cramps are so painful…

  2. Yes pls po paki push. Montly nararanasan ko yan pero pumapasok pdin ako. Kung lam nyo lang ang sakit nyan. Like me sobrang sakit po tlg sa sobrang sakit naiiyak nlng ako.

  3. pwede pong mg ask from san francisco agusan del sur po job order po ako sa munisipyo namin kasali po ba kami sa mka avail ng benepisyu pong yan po ?
    tnx po and Godbless

  4. For me, im agree with this kind of proposal. We, as girls are in so much pain during our menstural days, especially on our 1st and 2nd day. It’s hard to make a leave if our reason is about dysmennorhea. Especially when the supervisor is boy. Sometimes they don’t understand why we have to leave during our red days. I hope it will pass. Thanks.

  5. Yes na yes please. We don’t want ro rely on pain meds that will trigger more harm in the future like mefenamic acid. Not even pills because our family has a history of cancer so my OB won’t prescribe it. This is necessary because we can’t perform our jobs well.

  6. Yes please kasi sobrang sakit po talaga ng dysmenorrhea, minsan nga nag collapse ako or mawalan ng malay… Di po madali oag nagtrabaho. Salamat po..

  7. Yes.. I also feel this during my period, and it very difficult for me to work during the day. And during the menstration it is not good for us to take a medicine. So all girls suffer the pain. So we hope so.

  8. Pls push I’m here in oman working as domestic helper my madam and boss know about my disminuriya every month.. If I have period sometimes I cannot work I stay to my room only 1 day because if I stay long time to my room for bed rest my madam push me to work.. Sometimes I’m thinking to go back Philippines.. Pls push that benefit for all like me


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