The New Supreme Court App and What You Can Expect With it

The Supreme Court (SC) is one of the oldest and the most respected entities in the whole governance of our country—if not, in our whole country. It is the highest form of court in our country and it is where all big deals and decisions happen.

New Supreme Court App for Android, Out Now!
This image was taken from the new Supreme Court App for Android

Back on July 19, 2019, the Supreme Court released the newest Supreme Court app and it made a lot of people excited. The app itself is helpful but a lot of critics said that the app could have been better if some features were available. Nevertheless, here are the things that you can expect with the new Supreme Court app.

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What is the new Supreme Court app for?

Based on a couple of reviews by the people who downloaded and tried the app, currently, it has four (4) features: the Court Locator, the Lawyer’s List, the Judiciary Memorabilia Hall, and the Supreme Court Directory.

All of which features are directed towards helping people with interactions and encounters in the Supreme Court.

Judiciary Memorabilia Hall

If you want to know a few facts about the Supreme Court, you can definitely learn more and access it through the new Supreme Court app’s feature, the Judiciary Memorabilia Hall.

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You can find out a lot of old fun facts, things you need to know, and other things that might be helpful in your journey with the SC.

Court Locator

Well, obviously, the Supreme Court Locator is a feature that would allow you to find a court’s location should you need it.

Supreme Court Directory

The new Supreme Court App also has a Supreme Court Directory that would allow you to view contact details of the people in the Supreme Court.

This will allow you to see which information you need if you need to contact an official there.

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Lawyer’s List

Last but definitely not least is the lawyer’s list. The lawyer’s list is literally a list of lawyers that will allow you to see whether or not a certain attorney passed the Bar exam.

The lawyer’s list of the Supreme Court is an official government document which lists down lawyers who were successful in taking the Bar.

No need to worry because the app, since it’s new, is updated on the list of lawyers. Displaying lawyers who have been disbarred are still in the argument whether or not the new Supreme Court app will show this.

App availability

Yes, you guessed it right; the app is available on Android but not in iOS. Meaning, this isn’t available for iPhone, iPad, and Mac users. However, there are plans of having it compatible with Android and iOS users.

It is a power app and a useful app but there could be useful information that the app can provide. Here are some of the new Supreme Court app must-haves that some netizens felt useful:

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  • An improvement of the Judiciary Memorabilia Hall that would include profiles of Justices so that we can learn from them and their experiences.
  • Old but relevant cases that are still either open or closed. This could be an important tool in solving difficult modern cases.
  • A live chat section for cases that are more urgent and for cases that need professional attention.
  • A tab of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for those who need a quick and easy refresher for schooling. For instance, what the Court is, its students, why some cases are here, etc.
  • Hearing schedules of cases that will be heard and attended at the Supreme Court. This could help a lot of people understand some cases more.
  • Historical cases updates that are still currently ongoing. Some people also tried looking for the final decision copies of old and recent cases for learning purposes.
  • Feedback, concerns, improvements, and inquiries section of the app.
  • An overall guide and tips section on which cases can be brought to the Supreme Court and why they’re bringing it there.
  • How long a certain type of case usually takes before it gets resolved.

These are the things that most netizens and people who want involvement in cases want in the new Supreme Court app. The government is not necessarily part of the department who specializes in app development but we do hope that these can help them bring improvement to the new Supreme Court app.

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Click here to download the new Supreme Court app for Android.

What do you think about the newest Supreme Court application to help you with whatever Supreme Court inquiry you need?

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