How Long Does a Remittance in M Lhuillier Last?

Here in the Philippines, there are a lot of money remittance centers mainly because there are millions of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) looking to support their families that they left here in the country. In this article, we will be discussing M Lhuillier. If you’ve been living under a rock, M Lhuillier is one of the most famous money remittance centers we have here in the country. Since this is the case, a lot of people have inquiries about it but most importantly, it’s imperative to know when a remittance in M Lhuillier expires. In this article, we will be detailing the expiry and the maturity of a remittance in M Lhuillier.

Remittance in M Lhuillier
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Brief M Lhuillier background

M Lhuillier’s history dates back to almost a century before in the 1930 when French national Henry Lhuillier, a jewelry salesman of Levy and Bloom Oceanic Commercial Department stores opened a few businesses after the second World War.

He then made the decision to marry a Filipina Angelita Escaño Jones.

What services does M Lhuillier have?

I remember when I was a kid a few years back, M Lhuillier is known to be the “pawnshop” of the nation. In addition to that, I also knew that M Lhuillier is one of the places I go to if I need good-quality jewelry to either buy or sell.

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Now, M Lhuillier has evolved and is now doing a number of services like Money Remittances, Insurance Plans, and a lot more!

If you’re interested in knowing what other services M Lhuillier has, you can visit their website by clicking on this link here.

How many branches of M Lhuillier are there?

Currently, there are over 1,850 branches of M Lhuillier all across the Philippines. Not only that, M Lhuillier also has around 100 partner nations overseas. So, OFWs can easily send money remittances to their loved ones back here in the country without too much hassle!

To give you some sort of an idea, M Lhuillier’s Kwarta Padala has the following rates. You can refer to this if you’re planning to send money to any of your family members, friends, or relatives all over the nation!

Amount in Pesos
Service Charge
1.00 – 100.00
101.00 – 200.00
201.00 – 300.00
301.00 – 400.00
401.00 – 500.00
501.00 – 600.00
601.00 – 700.00
701.00 – 800.00
801.00 – 900.00
901.00 – 1, 000.00
1, 001.00 – 1, 500.00
1, 501.00 – 2, 000.00
2, 001.00 – 2, 500.00
2, 501.00 – 3, 000.00
3, 001.00 – 3, 500.00
3, 501.00 – 4, 000.00
4, 001.00 – 4, 500.00
4, 501.00 – 5, 000.00
5, 001.00 – 6, 000.00
6, 001.00 – 7, 000.00
7, 001.00 – 8, 000.00
8, 001.00 – 9, 500.00
9, 501.00 – 10, 00.00
10, 001.00 – 14, 000.00
14, 001.00 – 15, 000.00
15, 001.00 – 20, 000.00
20, 001.00 – 30, 000.00
30, 001.00 – 40, 000.00
40, 001.00 – 50, 000.00

So, let’s get to the main point. When is the expiry of an M Lhuillier money remittance?

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Good news! If you read M Lhuillier’s Terms and Conditions in their Money Transfer (Kwarta Padala), there is no mention of expiry of money remittances. So, your money can sit there and can be claimed whenever you need to or whenever you have the time.

However, when a remittance sits on the system of M Lhuillier and it’s unclaimed, M Lhuillier will deduct a total of P500.00 from the sitting money per month that it sits there.

For example, if someone sends you a total of P5, 000.00 and you leave it unclaimed for a total of ten (10) months, M Lhuillier will be taking everything because their penalty is P500.00 per month.

  1. Should the sender decide to cancel his/her transaction, he/she must submit a written request to M Lhuillier Financial Services Inc. (MLFSI) for the cancellation of the said transaction. MLFSI will refund the principal amount of the money transfer only. MLFSI will refund the charges upon written request of the sender only if the money transfer is not available to the recipient within seven (7) days from the time it was sent. To the extend allowed by the law, MLFSI may deduct a service fee of FIVE HUNDRED PESOS (P500) per month from money transfers that are not picked up after one month from the time it was sent. 

Now that we’re clear, we hope that you have a clear understanding on how money remittances done through M Lhuillier works.

You can also download the M Lhuillier Application on both iOS and Android devices.

Remittance in M Lhuillier

M Lhuillier has grown to be one of the go-to places whenever money remittances are needed. Moreover, if you require a bit of a sum of money and you have some jewelry you can bargain it for, you can approach M Lhuillier and get what you need.

M Lhuillier, from being a simple jewelry shop to a money remittance center, has evolved to a more advanced business and is still standing even after generations.

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What do you think about the P500.00 service charge whenever you forget or fail to claim the money within a month from the time it gets sent? Do you think that this is just fair for everyone? For more information about M Lhuillier’s other services, just visit their website at

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