More Than 17, 000 Jobs in Japan Offered to Filipinos

A lot of us yearn to work abroad because of the sole fact that they pay more. More so, it can also be a good experience and to live and experience different cultures. Most of our Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) plan on doing such things in order for them to snatch their families from the Philippines, giving their families extra opportunities for self-growth. There are a lot of ways on how OFWs can do these. As a matter of fact, tons of countries are currently looking for permanent and migrant workers because of fresh and innocent experience.

Good news for Filipinos because currently, Japan has opened around 17,000 jobs for Filipinos. They’re offering this to those Filipinos who are looking to get out of the country to work or migrate.

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Under the Technical Internship Training Program (TITP), an applicant will be deployed in Japan as a trainee. The good thing about that is that the applicant will already get their salaries and the benefits just like a regular employee working in the specific company. For example, company X is paying an amount for their employees and even though an individual under the TITP, they will get the same benefits and compensation. The only difference is that the trainee will undergo free training first to hone and to enhance their skills in the said field.

What is the reason why Japan is needing foreign workers in their country?

According to the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA), Japan is on the hunt for foreign and young workers because they are an aging-country. What does an aging-country mean? Well, a majority of their population are senior citizens. Senior citizens, as we know, would not be capable to work sufficiently or they won’t be able to work at all.

According to the Financial Times, because of Japan’s aging population, their economy is slowly contracting. In the beginning of this year, based on Financial Times’ data, around .2% during the first three (3) months of 2018 considering the previous quarter. By that, they ended eight (8) consecutive quarters or two (2) full years of growth. Bad news for them because since 1989, they had unstoppable growth and a few quarters back, it was ended.

Since that’s the case, Japan is considered to be the sole major shrinking economy to start this year.

According to the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), the number of jobs currently available is 17, 810. However, there are expectations that this number will grow up to 100, 000, depending on the need of the country itself. So, we know that even though the number is only at 17,000 jobs, we can expect a heighten within the following months.

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What jobs are they looking for?

Currently, Japan is looking for skilled workers in the following fields or industries:

  • Agriculture
  • Care workers (Domestic helpers)
  • Construction laborers
  • Factory workers
  • Workers in fisheries
  • Food manufacturing
  • Machinery and metal laborers
  • Textile workers

Would there be a requirement for application?

The only main requirement if you’re planning to apply is that you have to know at least basic Nihongo. Advanced language will be learned when you’re already staying in Japan.

In addition to this requirement, DOLE issued a document containing some of the most important information if you are planning to apply in any of the workers’ fields they require.

Click this link to access DOLE’s Verification Guidelines in regard to Japan’s TITP.

However, one thing that people are not loving about TITP, despite the fact that it just opened its doors and will be accommodating 17,000 jobs is that the contract is limited to only five (5) years. What that means is that when the contract is finished, an individual will not be allowed to renew again. This is to ensure equal opportunities to Filipinos who yearn to look for a job abroad and to live there for a number of years.

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Who handles the processing if an individual is interested in the TITP?

Accredited and licensed recruitment agencies are the only people who are authorized to handle and manage the application process. There are travel and recruitment agencies that are not licensed and therefore, you might just waste your money by doing business with recruitment agencies and there are scams. Be careful.

Click here to know the full list of Validated and Licensed Recruitment Agencies here in the Philippines.

Japan opening around 17,000 jobs is only the beginning. Moreover, the list of the professions is also not final yet. So, if you are interested, anticipate it and make sure to prepare the documentation you need in order to ensure a smooth and flawless transaction.

Featured Image taken from Japan Times 

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