Opening of Bags in the Airport to be No Longer Done

A lot of scams and modus operandi have been operating lately and most of them happen inside airports. One of the more common scams is the laglag bala scam. If you’re unaware of this, this is the scam where people puts a bullet inside the luggage of people who fail to notice the scam. This alarmed our dearest President and therefore, had an order that would be beneficial and more secure for travelers.

You know if there is an improvement in public service in the airport, one is that there will be no more inspection for bags that come in.”

President Rodrigo Duterte said after another theft at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA). A lot of these occurrences happen every single day and only a few gets publicized. With his new orders, a more secure and protected system would be present to help passengers who are victimized by these scams.

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On Thursday, the 13th of December, our dearest President said that the bags of travelers will no longer be opened during airport screenings. More so, he wanted “human contact” or human interaction to be minimized to avoid thefts and scams like this.

He even made a joke about travelers being able to bring contraband in the airport but that the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) and the police will be ready, waiting outside to arrest them.

In addition, he also emphasized that “human contact” in the airports would be lessened, if not totally removed. Because of the new e-Gates that were installed, this would most probably be the case depending on the situation.

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Hopefully, these new orders will be effective and that it would totally be for the benefit of travelers especially for the welfare of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs).

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